Electric Vehicle Cost Per Mile Calculator

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  • How much does it cost to run an electric vehicle?
  • Electric car running cost calculator

Are you worried about electric vehicle costs? Do you need more information around the cost of charging your electric vehicle when it arrives? Many people are unsure whether an electric vehicle is going to be affordable which is why we have teamed up with Lease Plan to provide you with a calculator for you to see just how affordable charging can be on a cost per mile basis.

How does the Electric Vehicle Cost calculator work?

  • Select the electric vehicle you are considering
  • Enter your electricity cost per kWh which can be your home electricity cost or the cost for use of a public charger
  • The calculator will provide you with expected pence per mile based on the battery kWh, the range of vehicle in total miles and your electricity cost per kWh in pence.

Now that you have a guide on the expected cost per mile from our electric car running cost calculator, is an electric vehicle the right solution for you? We explore whether having an electric vehicle is practical, whether charging is easy and which electric vehicles are best priced in our ‘Is an electric vehicle right for me?’ guide.

Moving from diesel or petrol over to all electric can be quite a daunting change, we get it. It’s super important that you have all the information you need before making the move, which is why we have an electric vehicle hub with lots of guides to help you make informed decsions.

In this hub you will find information around:

Are you considering an electric vehicle? If you have specific questions you need answering or are unsure if an electric vehicle is right for you, chat through your options with one of our experienced vehicle specialists. Book your free consultation.