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Are you looking for a vehicle you can drive as easily on the road as you can across fields? Do you have a large family or a lot of equipment to take with you on your trips? If you do then an SUV might be the ideal vehicle for you.

The SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, has been a staple in many rural areas for quite a while, but now they’ve made their way off the farm and onto the main road. They are considered a great alternative to the Estate or larger saloon.

Typically they have a look similar to an Estate with off-road features like four-wheel drive and raised ground clearance. They also have a rather rugged appearance.

Many SUVs on the market have a high seating position and all-wheel drive for off-roading is available. Some SUVs also have the same towing capacity as a pick-up truck, with the increased passenger-carrying space that a larger family needs.

The term SUV is often used instead of Jeep or Land Rover when referring to light four-wheel drive vehicles. They are a popular every day car due to their flexibility. They are an ideal car for larger families, golf clubs or the larger family pet.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and versatile vehicle that you can drive as effortlessly on rough terrain as you can the motorway then an SUV might be perfect for you. Below is a range of makes and models that we can offer. Give us a call now on 01903 538835 or send us a message to request a call back at a time that fits you.



Early SUVs were descendants of light commercial and military utility vehicles, most notably the World War II Jeep and the 4×4 Dodge WC truck.

After the war, the first four-wheel drive cars for sale to the general public were boxy short-wheelbase models built for their off-road capabilities. The designs were based on the rugged Jeep and included the Land Rover (1948) and Willys Jeep (1945).

In 1949 Land Rover offered a coach-built short Estate car however, it was expensive and less than 700 were sold. A more affordable version of this Land Rover wasn’t made available until 1956.

In 1935 GMC and Chevrolet released a Suburban Carryall and the Dodge Town Wagon was manufactured in 1954. In the UK the Land Rover Series I line was expanded to include a long-wheelbase version from 1956, this line included a 10 seat Estate that was made using simple metal panels and bolt-together construction.

Initially, 4-door models weren’t a popular option, nor were there many available, the only model that sold 4-door editions as standard were the affordable long-wheelbase Land Rovers made in 1956.

The term SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, wasn’t commonly used until the late 1980s, before this they were marketed by manufacturers as traditional four-wheel drive vehicles or Estates. The first Sport Utility was sold by Crosley (a now defunct US manufacturer) in 1948. They were followed, in 1966, by Ford, who marketed the Ford Bronco off-road pick-up as a Sport Utility. In 1974 Jeep used the term Sport Utility Vehicle specifically to describe their first generation Cherokee.

The 1984 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was the first true SUV according to the transportation curator of the Henry Ford Museum. It was the first vehicle developed specifically for marketing to urban families as a replacement for the traditional car (specifically the Estate). The Cherokee was a manageable size, had four-wheel drive and a plush, comfortable interior.

SUVs were popular in the US, Canada, India and Australia throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. The sale of SUVs dropped temporarily, however, in 2015 they rose 22% globally. In 2018 a luxury compact SUV, the Volvo XC40, won European Car of the Year.

Sales for the SUV have overtaken sales of other, more traditional, cars and have started to dominate the market.



The SUV is a very popular vehicle, great for every day journeys and weekends driving across muddy hills and vales.


  • Large cabins – great if you have a large family, or a shopping habit
  • Great towing capabilities – ideal if you have a boat you want to take down to the lake
  • Adaptable – not only for the road, the four-wheel drive capability of the SUV makes it ideal for rougher terrain


  • Size – due to their size, SUVs can be harder to park
  • Weight – heavier than a saloon, this can mean an increase in fuel expense
  • Cost – road and emissions taxes


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