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Are you looking for a dependable car with a lot of history and research behind it? If you are, then Peugeot is a manufacturer to look at.

You can browse all the Citroen vehicles we have available below. If you’d like to find out more about the history and reliability of the French brand, continue reading.

Reliability of Peugeot

Peugeot vehicles are dependable. As part of the 2018 survey conducted by Which?, over 75% of Peugeot owners had no issues with their cars. Any issues reported were in relation to air conditioning and the engine management system. In the same survey, Peugeot just made it into the top 20, at 20th place.

Peugeot history

Though they didn’t produce their first automobile until 1889, Peugeot has existed for over two centuries. The company got its start in 1810, producing coffee mills, crinolines, saw blades and bicycles. In 1858 the company adopted the familiar lion trademark it’s known for today.

The first Peugeot steam-powered car was produced in 1889, but they soon moved on from steam-power to the petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine built under licence to Daimler. The car that Peugeot produced in 1889 was far more sophisticated than anything else on the market and just 7 years later the company was no longer reliant on Daimler for engines, they were now building their own.

Fast forward over 100 years and Peugeot is still going strong. Just over 3% of new cars on the road in 2018 are Peugeot and the brand offers a wide selection of cars that will appeal to people in every stage of their lives, from small and affordable city cars to roomy estates.

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