Who’s It For?

The Renault Zoe is a spacious super mini that will suit urban drivers looking to make the switch to electricity. Prices start out from £22,670 and Renault claims it can keep going for 250 miles on a single charge.

For anyone who regularly commutes to work and wants to reduce running costs, the smooth, quiet and roomy Zoe makes a lot of sense. It feels a lot like a conventional super mini, all models are generously equipped, and the car was awarded all five stars when crash tested by Euro NCAP.[vc_single_image image=”67909″ img_size=”article-image”]Electric Motor & Handling

The Renault Zoe offers a relaxed driving experience. It’s quiet, and the steering is precise and light, which makes it perfectly suited to the towns and cities.

It’s a brisk car that covers the 0-30mph dash in 4.0 seconds flat. The 0-62 sprint is covered in 13.5 seconds and the Zoe has a top speed of 84mph.

Skipping away from traffic is easy in the Zoe, while its compact stature makes it easy to nip in and out of lanes.

It’s a fairly heavy car, with its battery pack adding an extra 400kg of weight over the Clio. As a result, body roll can be a bit of an issue and the car is slow to emerge from corners.

The R110 electric motor is brand new for 2018. It develops an extra 16bhp than last time and feels a lot quicker.

All models come with a regenerative braking system that helps the car to conserve energy that would otherwise be wasted. It also extends range time.

The elevated driving seat means visibility is good, and thanks to its small frame the car is easy to park.  The Cabin

Renault have developed one of the quietest cars on the road and the Zoe’s interior is well-equipped.


  • Quality – The Zoe gets the same dashboard as the Clio but adds a unique digital TFT display that looks fantastic. The cabin is filled with plenty of light-coloured trim but the overall standard of the materials isn’t on par with some of its rivals in this class. Grey and beige plastics won’t appeal to everyone.
  • Comfort – Insulation is good, the soft seats are supportive but – as with all EV’s – the ride is a bit firm.
  • Insulation – Below 20mph, the Zoe barely emits a peep. As you pick up the pace, its special low-resistant tyres start to make a bit of noise, but on the whole the Zoe is a super quiet, refined and a relaxed place to be.
  • Space and Practicality – The Renault Zoe is compact but the design team have done a good job of making its interior as spacious and comfortable as possible. Leg and headroom is reasonable, and the car boasts slightly bigger dimensions than the Clio.
  • Load Capacity – With the battery pack hidden under the seats, the boot is able to measure a satisfactory 338-litres. A low loading lip makes the boot easy to use.


Price: £22,670 – £30,520

The starting price makes the Zoe one of the most affordable cars of its type but it doesn’t take into consideration the price of leasing or purchasing the batteries.


  • Buyers can either choose to pay for the car upfront along with the batteries, or pay a reduced fee before making monthly payments to lease the batteries.
  • How much you’ll pay each month depends on your expected annual mileage.
  • If your expected annual mileage is less than 4,500 miles a year, you would pay £60 per month.
  • Renault claim their car costs as little as 2 pence per mile to run, with a full charge costing £3.
  • Official range for the high-capacity 40kWh battery is 250 miles, while the ‘real world’ range is pegged at 186 miles if the conditions are good and 124 miles if they aren’t.