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Volkswagen has been around since the 1930s. In recent years, it achieved international status as the number two automotive manufacturer. Statisticians have also named it number one in terms of its investment in automotive research and development.

While Volkswagen has made it to number two in UK sales, it remains a winner in small family car sales and large family car sales. The VW Golf ranks number two among best-selling vehicles in the UK, whilst the Volkswagen Passat and its spin-off, the CC, combine to be ranked as the best-selling large sedan.

Often capturing 9 percent of the UK market, Volkswagen can credit its success to a combination of fuel-smart offerings, a well-deserved reputation and interesting design choices. The Volkswagen Up compact offers one of the lowest prices for a new car in the UK today. It is a low horsepower vehicle with remarkable fuel economy. By contrast, the impressive Phaeton costs nearly five times as much, however this spacious saloon is a high horsepower vehicle that emphasizes luxury and cutting-edge technology which is definitely smart enough to outweigh it’s cost.

Volkswagen offers more than 12 model choices in the UK. Half of those offer distinct cabriolet, estate or all-electric editions. Four distinctive MPVs offer families a range of sizes and features. The impressive Touareg is certainly one of the largest MPVs available in the UK, whereas the best-selling Golf hatchback offers eleven engines and many variants. You can also opt for a high-performance GTI, an elongated Estate with greater cargo space, or an SV with more passenger space.

Is a Volkswagen in your future? Then let OSV do the shopping for you. We will put our expertise and bulk buying power to work and find the best VW leasing deals from a variety of sources. Whether it’s a Volkswagen Jetta, saloon or the Tiguan MPV you’re looking for, call us today on 01903 538835, or use our contact form here and get in touch for the latest lease deals and finance options.

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