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Who is the Registered Keeper of a lease car?

Are you aware of who the Registered Keeper of a lease vehicle is?
Who is the Registered Keeper of a lease car?
Do you know who the Registered Keeper of your vehicle is? Chances are, if you have a lease car then this is a question you will need the answer to, especially if you're looking to get a new parking permit, or are going through the process of sorting out your vehicle insurance. Did you know that the Registered Keeper can differ, depending on what type of lease you have opted to use to get your new vehicle? In this article we set out to answer all the questions you might have about

Why is my car not showing on the DVLA database?

Can't see your car on the DVLA database? This could be why...
Why is my car not showing on the DVLA database?
You’ve got your new car, and you want to check something on the DVLA. Maybe you want to check when your car tax is due, or you just want to have a look to make sure it’s on there. But, it’s not. You can’t find your car on the DVLA. There are a few reasons why this might be the case, In this article we talk more about what the reasons may be, and what you can do to change it.
Registering a leased vehicle with the DVLA is a legal requirement. The DVLA stands for Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency. The DVLA is a huge database containing information on every car in the UK. This includes vehicles that are no longer on the road. The information the DVLA keep includes the car specifications such as make, model and colour. Alongside the contact information of the registered owner and registered keeper of the car. We get asked a variety of questions about registering leased vehicles, but the most common is whether the responsibility of registering a leased vehicle lies with the lease company or the driver.
How reliable is Volkswagen?
German engineering has long been associated with well-built and reliable cars. However, Volkswagen reliability is something that many people are in two minds about. So, how does the people's car perform when it comes to reliability? We know that the cars are well-built and they have some of the most popular vehicles on the market today, but are they reliable? In the latest article in our updated reliability series we answer all the questions about many of the popular models that the well-known German brand produce.

How reliable is Volvo? An honest assessment of the Swedish brand

Volvo prides itself on its safety innovations, but is it a reliable brand? We investigate...
How reliable is Volvo?
It’s no secret that Volvo are one of the most ambitious car manufacturers on the market today. They want to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries in their new cars by 2020 and are going to make all of their cars electric or hybrid by 2019. So yes, you could say that Volvo are pretty ambitious. But there is one thing that never really comes up when we talk about Volvo cars, and that’s reliability. How reliable are Volvo? In this article, we look at how dependable Volvo are, and how this compares to their rivals...
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