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What is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty?

A comprehensive article about what is and isn't covered under the manufacturers warranty.
What's covered by a manufacturer's warranty?
When you purchase or lease a new vehicle you also benefit from a manufacturer's warranty. Not all warranties are the same, so what is covered and what isn't? In this article we take a look at the finer details (not the small print) of manufacturers' warranties.

Who’s responsible for lease car repairs

Warranties, maintenance packages, regular services - who is responsible for carrying out repairs?
When you get a new car you have the responsibility for maintaining, servicing and repairing it. This can bring with it unexpected costs that stretch your budget. In this article we look at who is responsible for ensuring that your lease vehicle is maintained for teh duration of the agreement.

What’s included in a vehicle lease?

Does a vehicle lease agreement include regular services and repairs?
What's included in a Vehicle Lease?
If you're thinking about getting a new vehicle on a lease it's important to know what is included inyour monthly payments. In this article we take a look at everything that is included in the price of the agreement and everything that isn't.

What’s the difference between an MOT and a service?

A complete guide to everything on your car that's checked in an MOT and a service
Wha's the difference between an MOT and a service?
Ensuring that your vehicle (if it's 3 years old or more) has a valid MOT is a legal requirement. A service is a voluntary check that, as a broker, we would recommend you have regularly to ensure that any issues with your vehicle are resolved before you are presented with a very high bill. So, are they actually different?
On December 31st 2020, the transition period that marks the end of Brexit negotiations finishes. By this point, the UK and EU will have finalised any trade agreements they intend to make. But the big question is, how will this affect car prices? Will no-deal mean prices go up?

What do admin fees pay for?

How Much Will The Admin Fee Cost? And What Is It For?
Leasing a new vehicle is a huge investment, both in time and money. So when you are told about admin fees it can feel as though it's just another thing for you to pay out for. So, what are admin fees? What do they cover? Where do they go? In this article we take a look at all the reasons why it's worth paying to get a better, more reliable service from your Vehicle Broker.
Should I get a Tesla Model 3?
The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla's third-generation electric vehicle. A reasonably-priced, spacious saloon perfect for the family. Economical to charge and run, is there anything more you need to know about this stylish car? In this article we look at the car's reliability, safety, advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision about your next vehicle.

Polestar 2 | Can it compete with Tesla?

We take a look at the brand new EV the Polestar 2. Is it a competitor for Tesla's throne?
A new breed of electric car?
The Polestar 2 is due to hit UK shores this year. But how will it fare in a market that has been dominated by Tesla for the last year? Is it really a competitor for Tesla, or just another EV with a good battery and a decent range between charges? We take a look at this new EV.

Is an electric car right for me?

Every year more and more electric vehicles are available, we look at what might be best for your needs
If you're thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, but feeling a little bit anxious having heard various things about their limitations, we aim to alleviate some of that anxiety. In this article we look at the cars available, some of the grants that you can get if you decide to go electric, and plans being made for a more effective electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK.

Dealer vs car broker – what’s the difference?

What's the difference between a car dealership and a car broker?
Dealer vs Broker
So, which one is better when it comes to getting you the best deal on a new vehicle? A broker or a dealership? In this article we look at the pros and cons of both and help you to decide which one is the best route for you.
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