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The motoring industry: What’s happening?

We look at everything that's happening in the motoring industry during the 2020 global pandemic
The motoring industry: what's happening?
Things are in upheaval right now across almost every industry. If you have a car on order, or are looking for a new vehicle, you'll likely want to know what's happening in the motoring industry. In this article we have the rundown of the current state of affairs.

Can I extend my car lease?

Want to know if your lease car experience can be extended? This article explores in what circumstances this is possible
How do I extend my car lease?
If you are approaching the end of your current lease contract, you may be wondering 'can my lease be extended?' You're not alone. Many people find that there is a period between one contract ending and another starting, and they don't want to be without a car. Or, perhaps they're just not ready to part ways with their trusty four wheels just yet. Whatever the reasons, there are certain ways to extend the lease contract on a car. It's worth noting that some finance houses don't offer any kind of lease extension, so call them to make sure you are eligible. We'll take you through all the nitty gritty.
Press release
We're currently experiencing incredibly difficult times in the UK (and around the world) so when we're able to make a difference, at OSV we work our hardest to help those who are on the front line.

The current global situation – What’s going to happen to my vehicle order?

If you have any questions about what's happening with your vehicle order at the current time
The current global situation - what's going to happen to my vehicle order?
If you've got a car on order and you've already been informed about delays to your delivery it's going to be frustrating. We've put together an article explaining what's happening behind the scenes and offering a few suggestions for solutions if your lease is about to end and you need a vehicle quickly.

Where’s my new car coming from?

Have you ever wondered if your new car was made in the UK or imported in?
UK Car Imports
When you buy a car what’s the first thing you think about? Is it the mileage, the car safety rating, the extras, the colour? Or do you think about where the car was made and how it’s going to get to your front door?

What is Vehicle Excise Duty

Vehicle Excise Duty - also known as Road Tax can be confusing, we go into the detail...
Everything you need to know about Vehicle Excise Duty
Vehicle Excise Duty or VED is commonly referred to as Road Tax. A tax levied by the government to drivers which bring the UK government £730 million every year in revenue. Vehicle Excise Duty is collected by the DVLA, the government department that governs drivers on UK roads. Updated following the March 2020 budget.
Road Tax - 2020 changes
The Road Tax changes for 2020 might seem confusing, as there don't appear to be any increases in cost. However, if you are registering your vehicle with the DVLA for the first time, there will be a difference in cost if you wait until after April 6th, 2020. Vehicles are now being tested using the more realistic WLTP and this has signalled a change in the band that your vehicle will be placed in for first year VED. So, if you have any questions, we've got the answers. Read our detailed article to find out more.
What is a Clean Air Zone?
Clean Air Zones are set up with the intention of cutting pollution and encouraging drivers to choose vehicles that produce less in the way of polluting fumes or use alternative methods of transportation, such as bicycles or public transport. In this article we provide you with information about vehicles that are exempt from the Clean Air Zone charges, and also the location of planned Clean Air Zones in the UK.

What happens if I damage my lease car?

Damaged your lease car? Don't worry, here's what you have to do...
What happens if I damage my lease car?
You have your lease car for quite a while. It may not seem that 1-5 years is any time at all in the scheme of things, but over that time you will do a lot of driving. It’s possible that during the time you have the vehicle you may end up damaging it because accidents do happen.
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