BMW M2 Review 2024: The Last Hurrah? 

The latest iteration of the BMW M2 has once again solidified its position as a benchmark in the compact sports car segment. This review delves into the performance, design, and features of the BMW M2, offering an in-depth look at what makes this car a standout choice for driving enthusiasts. 

This car is unashamedly extrovert, politically incorrect, and blisteringly fast.  

It’s a testament to the brand’s prowess, a vehicle you’ll want to showcase to your grandkids in 50 years to remind them of what they’ve missed out on. 

Want to see this exhilarating premium model in action? Watch our in-depth review of the BMW M2.

As the automotive world pivots towards electrification, the second-generation BMW M2 marks a celebratory end to the era of combustion-powered M cars.  

Built in Mexico, this model is the final flourish of BMW’s famed petrol-powered M division, offering enthusiasts one last hurrah. The M2’s claim to be in a segment of one is not hyperbole—most of the 60,000 owners of the original 2015 model would likely concur. 

A Legacy of Performance 

BMW’s M badge, once merely a performance signifier, has evolved into a sub-brand of its own. This Mexican-built G87 M2 model now serves as the entry point to an expanding lineup of high-speed road racers.  

The journey to recognising the market for smaller M models began with the mid-90s Z3-based M Roadster and Coupé designs, over two decades after BMW Motorsport’s founding.  

The true breakthrough came in 2011 with the straight-six engine in the 1 Series Coupé, leading to the much-revered 1 M Coupé. 

The spirit of these earlier models was commercialised in the 2015 F87 M2, which became the best-selling M car of all time. The new G87 model, with its adoption of the heavier CL platform from the M3 and M4, brings a new dimension to the M2, emphasising power and performance over visual subtlety. 

What is the performance like? 

BMW M2 rear

The aerodynamics are meticulously crafted to enhance performance, featuring an M-specific three-section black lower intake, adaptive LED headlamps, and a large horizontal frameless kidney grille inspired by classic BMW Coupés of the 60s and 70s.  

Under the bonnet, the M2 features a 3.0-litre engine with a 460 horsepower output and 550 Nm of torque, significantly more powerful than the previous generation.  


The 0-62 mph sprint takes just 4.1 seconds with the eight-speed auto transmission or 4.3 seconds with the manual. Top speed is limited to 155 mph, extendable to 177 mph with the optional M Racetrack Pack.  

This pack also includes Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres and M Carbon bucket seats, although the latter is not available with the manual due to clutch foot action restrictions. 

The X Drive variant of the M240i, despite having 86 horsepower less than the M2, manages to hit 62 mph just 0.2 seconds slower.  

This version also benefits from all-wheel drive, making it potentially faster in typical British driving conditions.  

While it doesn’t offer the same track prowess as the M2, it’s worth considering before committing to the higher price tag of the M2. 

How does the BMW M2 drive? 

Stepping inside, the M2 offers a 360° view of the car on the central screen, M graphics on the instrument display, and a blue Speedo paired with a red rev counter.  

The driving position is perfect, and despite the increase in weight due to the CL platform, the advantages are clear. The car is more settled and less hyperactive than its predecessor, offering a refined yet exhilarating driving experience. 

The G87 M2’s retention of a rear-driven platform and a manual gearbox option will delight purists. The inclusion of a proper torque converter version of the M Tronic sport transmission and the fiery S58 straight-six engine further underscores its M lineage.  

The driving experience is accompanied by an array of M graphics on the instrument display and a red starter button that ignites the engine with a satisfying roar. 

Interior and Technology 

Inside, the M2 is equally focused. Key M2 differentiators include red steering wheel drive setup tabs, carbon fibre-trimmed paddle shifters, and M2 door sill plates. The cabin is adorned with tricolour M Power accents, and the standard M Sport seats are both luxurious and supportive. 

The car’s technology is advanced, with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch central iDrive infotainment display.

The system runs on BMW’s Operating System 8, offering a range of customisable widgets, navigation, and multimedia options. The intelligent personal assistant can learn routines and respond to voice commands, enhancing the driving experience.  

What is the design like? 

BMW M2 Front design

The G87 M2’s design is bold and aggressive, with swollen wheel arches, deep bumpers, and quad tailpipes.  

The exterior is adorned with large M double-spoke wheels, 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear, and a distinctive lightweight carbon roof. The adaptive LED headlights and LED tail lights, along with various high-gloss trim elements, contribute to its aggressive look.  

Practical features such as cruise control, acoustic glazing, sun protection glass, auto headlamps and wipers, power-folding mirrors, an alarm, and BMW’s parking assistant with a surround-view camera system are all standard. 

What is the interior like? 

Inside, the M2’s cabin is distinguished by front M Sport seats with blue stitching and M tabs, illuminated M2 branding, power adjustments, lumbar support, heating, and memory settings. Upholstery options include Vanasa Black or Cognac leather.  

The M leather steering wheel and gear stick feature blue and red stitching, complemented by M seat belts and door cards. Carbon fibre trim, bespoke graphics for the dashboard screens, a red starter button, and a head-up display round out the sporty interior. 

The BMW Live Cockpit Professional setup includes a 14.9-inch control display and a 12.3-inch instrument display.  

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, 4G LTE connectivity, 3D navigation, and cloud-based BMW Maps ensure seamless connectivity.  

The intelligent personal assistant, accessible via “Hey BMW”, adds a sophisticated touch, while the connected package offers three years of media connectivity services. 

Most buyers will opt for the M2 Comfort Pack, which includes steering wheel heating, a wireless charging tray, and the comfort access package for keyless entry.  

For an additional track-focused feel, the M Race Track Pack offers carbon bucket seats and the M Driver’s Package, which increases the top speed and includes a track tuition day. 

The M2 offers various customisation options, including different paint finishes like Alpine White, Sapphire Black Metallic, Toronto Red Metallic, Brooklyn Grey Metallic, and the exclusive Zandvoort Blue. 

For added luxury, buyers can choose from two frozen colours: Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue. Interior options extend to M Sport seats with prominent red or blue highlights and additional exterior trim elements. 

Safety and Assistance Systems 

BMW’s active safety features include the Active Guard Plus package, which uses cameras, ultrasonic, and radar sensors to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and warn of potential hazards.  

The system incorporates front collision warning with autonomous braking, lane departure warning, and BMW’s emergency call with teleservices, which provides critical information to emergency services in an accident. 

For added peace of mind, the Driving Assistant Pack offers active cruise control with stop-and-go, approach control warning, person warning with city braking function, lane change warning, rear collision prevention, rear crossing traffic warning, and speed limit info with manual speed limit assist. 

Fuel Economy and Emissions 

Despite its performance credentials, the M2 strives for reasonable efficiency.  

The automatic variant achieves up to 28.2 mpg and 227 g/km of CO2, while the manual version reaches 29.1 mpg and 219 g/km. Compared to the M240i’s figures, the M2’s numbers reflect its more performance-oriented setup. 

Cost of Ownership 

Depreciation rates for the M2 can vary, with the manual version potentially holding value better in the future.  

Routine maintenance is managed by BMW’s condition-based servicing system, and owners can benefit from service inclusive packages and extended warranties.  

Insurance groups for the M2 are set at group 42, with options for comprehensive coverage through BMW.  


The Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0, priced from just over £73,000, offers a mid-engine, less practical alternative with 60 fewer horsepower.  

Meanwhile, the Mercedes AMG CLA 45 S 4Matic+ provides a fractionally quicker option with 421 horsepower and four-wheel drive, though it lacks the M2’s track-oriented design. 

Other potential rivals include the Audi RS5 Coupe and the more expensive Lexus RC. The V8 Ford Mustang fastback coupe, expected in its new form soon, also presents a spirited alternative.  

The Alpine A110, with its lightweight design, compensates for its power deficit but is less practical for daily use. The Audi TT RS, although now out of production, was another worthy competitor. 

BMW M2 Review Summary: Should you buy, lease, or finance one? 

As this review shows, the second-generation BMW M2 encapsulates everything enthusiasts love about the M badge.  

It’s a fitting tribute to the end of an era, blending high performance with modern technology.  

This model is already earmarked as a future performance classic, representing the pinnacle of BMW’s combustion-powered achievements. 


If you’re a purist who values ownership and plans to keep the car long-term, buying the M2 is a solid investment.  

Its status as a potential classic means it could hold its value well over time, especially if you opt for the manual version.  


For those who prefer driving the latest models without the commitment of ownership, leasing the BMW M2 is an attractive option.  

Leasing offers lower monthly payments compared to financing, and it allows you to upgrade to a new model every few years.  

This option is perfect if you enjoy having the newest technology and performance features without worrying about long-term depreciation. 


Financing the M2 can be a great middle ground, allowing you to eventually own the car while spreading the cost over a period of time.  

With competitive interest rates and flexible terms, financing can make the M2 more accessible while still offering the benefits of ownership. This option is suitable for those who want to balance their budget while investing in a high-performance vehicle. 

Whether you choose to buy, lease, or finance, the BMW M2 offers a thrilling driving experience that few rivals can match.  

Its status as a future classic, combined with its exceptional performance and advanced features, ensures that any decision will be a rewarding one.  

If you’re passionate about driving and appreciate the legacy of the M badge, the BMW M2 is a standout choice. 

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