The Tesla Model S is the poster boy of the electric car world. It’s fast, has a 300+ mile range and comes well-equipped.

As a premium electric car it comes with few of the compromises that lesser EV’s are notable for. There’s no need for range anxiety among buyers, with the Tesla Model S able to boast the longest range for any car of this type, as well as access to Tesla’s so-called SuperCharger electric charging network.[vc_single_image image=”65138″ img_size=”article-image”]Electric Motor & Handling

The fact that an electric motor powers the Model S and not a petrol or diesel engine means that all of its power is delivered in an instant – which makes for an explosive burst of pace.

Straight line speed is incredible, with the entry level Tesla able to complete the 0-62 sprint in 4.3 seconds.

The P100D model is faster still, and races from rest to 62mph in 2.5 seconds. This makes the Model S as fast as a McLaren P1.

Acceleration from 45-65mph is even more astonishing, with the P100D model able to dust it off in 1.2 seconds.

Despite its explosive pace, the Tesla Model S is refined, quiet and works just as well as a cruiser.

The car comes with 19” alloys as standard, while 21” turbine-style alloys are available as an optional extra.

The adaptive air suspension does a good job of smoothing out poorer road surfaces, but adding the larger alloys will cause the car to fidget.

Because the battery pack is mounted to the floor, the Tesla Model S has a lower centre of gravity than a petrol or diesel-powered car.

Grip is excellent and four-wheel-drive is available. The Cabin

The Tesla Model S is luxurious, spacious and filled with technology.

  • Quality – Interior quality is hit and miss, with Tesla sparing no expense on the use of wood, zinc and leather. On the other hand, the fit and finish of the materials isn’t on par with what buyers would normally expect from a car at this price point.
  • Comfort – The standard Tesla Model S benefits from air springs that ensures a comfortable place to sit and travel. The supportive seats further enhance comfort.
  • Insulation – The absence of engine noise is a major plus and for the most part, the cabin is near-silent. As you pick up speed, tyre roar and a bit of wind noise becomes a bit more noticeable.
  • Space and Practicality – The Tesla Model S boasts class-leading space. Rear-seated passengers are treated to their own air conditioning vents, while a full-length glass roof creates the illusion of even more space. Legroom is particularly good.
  • Load Capacity – The deep and lengthy boot measures 894-litres. Fold the rear seats and you can increase this to 1,795-litres.


Prices might start out from £67,635 but running costs are super low.

  • The entry level model has an official range of 323 miles, while the S 100D model nudges that up to 393 miles.
  • Because the Tesla Model S can be charged from a domestic socket, it’s super cost-effective to run.
  • How much a single charge costs you, and how fast it takes to charge your battery, will depend on your equipment. Tesla say that it should take buyers just half an hour to charge the batteries for an 11 mile trip. 30 minutes at a public charging point should get you 85 miles worth of range.
  • Tesla have a network of SuperCharger charging points. 30 minutes at one of these is enough to extend your range by 170 miles.