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The Porsche Company started out in automotive design in the 1930s, advising on cars rather than building them. In the 1950s, they gained a reputation for excitement and style and their sports cars began to take to the roads while their exciting coupes grabbed the public’s imagination. In 2002, Porsche rescued its slumping sales record with the introduction of the spacious Cayenne. This luxury SUV quickly became the brand’s best seller, rivalling other luxury brands year after year.

The Cayenne’s success led to the introduction of the Panamera Saloon and the Macan Crossover. Of course, these vehicles reflect the same elegant looks and racy attitude as the Coupes, however, they are equally at home in the business world or in the family garage. These models offer you loads of luxury and plenty of space.

Do you have 911 dreams but a Boxster budget? Then the Cayman may be the one for you. This flashy two seated vehicle is essentially a fixed roof version of the Boxster, but with an impressive engine, boasting a further 10bhp than its brother. It definitely holds its own when competing against the 911 too. The Porsche 911, however is still the supercar of sports cars, but the 918 Spyder may be the one to make your heart race.

Many drivers think of a Porsche as an investment and with a superb reputation for long term quality, it’s no surprise. With extremely low depreciation rates and a style that’s hard to beat, we’d say that it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you are ready to invest in a Porsche, our friendly vehicle supply team can help you get the best lease deals. Let us put our expertise in automotive finance to work for you. Call our team today on 01903 538835, or contact us here and request a call back for a time that works for you.

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