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Lexus are Toyota’s luxury vehicle division and since they started in 1989, they have produced remarkable technology and specifications (including the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact; the Lexus CT 200h) and have consistently beaten other European luxury car makers in the industry.Here at OSV, our range of stylish Lexus vehicles encompasses cutting edge performance, luxurious comfort and exquisite designs. The CT200h looks like something straight out of The Fast and Furious, with sleek sporty styling, while the RX450h is a distinctly smart, silent hybrid. Whatever you may be looking for, we have lease deals and vehicle finance offers to suit even the most particular of tastes.

The Lexus NX300h has groundbreaking technology powered by the latest full hybrid drivetrain, the NX 300h is a totally new kind of Lexus. Capturing a distinctive design with wide stance and sharp yet fluid lines, a new bold spindle grille and outstanding front and rear LED lights, the NX 300h refuses to go unnoticed.

Our friendly team are here ready to answer any queries you may have, or even help you decide which vehicle is right for you. Looking for something that you can’t see on our website? Call us on 01903 538835 and we’ll see what we can do to help. Alternatively you can contact us here for a call back at a more convenient time.

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LEXUS Articles

Review Of Lexus IS 2017

A Massive Review of the new Lexus IS Saloon: Features/Prices/Comparison

1st February 2017

The Lexus IS isn't a new kid on the block, having been around since 1999. It doesn't seem like that long ago, but that's now getting on for twenty years, so Lexus has had plenty of time to have a fair crack at producing something strong for customers looking for something in this sector. This…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

The best hybrid cars for company car tax

Review of the Lexus IS Saloon: Features / Price / Comparison

23rd November 2016

The Lexus IS Saloon is aimed at any of you who want something a bit different in a sector dominated by the powerhouse German brands who, let’s face it, can be overly predicable. It’s strikingly designed, cheap to run and well worth a closer inspection. To convince you to take the plunge on this and…

Presented by Will Titterington

Lexus RX 450h

The Ultimate Review of the 2016 Lexus RX 450h: Features / Prices / Comparison

12th August 2016

SUVs – we just can’t get enough of them. It seems as though it’s every five minutes another sports utility vehicle is launched, promising its maker huge sales and a whole new army of happy customers. You can’t help but wonder, how did we get to this point? Well, it could easily be argued that…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

Lexus GS F Saloon

Ultimate Review Of The 2016 Lexus GS F Saloon: Features / Price / Comparison

9th August 2016

The Lexus GS F Saloon offers old-school V8 thrills and spills, and while it can’t compete with rivals in terms of outright pace, it’s still got lots of bullet-like speed, gentlemanly charm and oodles of premium comfort that make it a prized asset in Lexus’ improving canon. If you’re looking for something a bit more…

Presented by Will Titterington

Lexus RC 300h

The Ultimate Review of the 2016 Lexus RC 300h: Features / Prices / Comparison

1st July 2016

Sports cars are some of the most evocative and special machines that grace the road, and they normally follow a rather strict formula. Fast, loud, beautiful, slick, precise – all words you would normally associate with a sports car. So, what on earth is Lexus doing coming along and tearing up that rulebook? Has the…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

Lexus RC F Coupe Review

10th June 2016

Lexus is better known in the UK for their SUVs, large saloons and hybrids, but they’re determined to crack the sports car market, and the Lexus RC F Coupe 500 is their latest effort. The Lexus RC F Coupe 500 is a muscular Coupe and indeed could be the sports car the brand have been…

Presented by Will Titterington

Lexus LS Review

10th June 2016

The 4th generation of the fabled Lexus LS is, as always the flagship in the Lexus line up which serves as a showcase for the best tech Lexus has to offer plus exceptional levels of refinement and detailed luxury. This revised model the Lexus LS is an improvement on its predecessor with the reintroduction of V8…

Presented by Will Titterington

Lexus GS Review

10th June 2016

It’s too easy to ignore the Lexus GS in a sector swirling with BMWs, Mercedesand Audis’. Too easy, but also detrimental to the consumer. You see, the new Lexus GS is a much better proposition than people seem prepared to give it credit for. Marginalised due to the reputation of its dominant rivals, it’s a car that…

Presented by Will Titterington

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