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The Honda brand has become well known for matching affordability to both low operating costs and long term durability. Its reputation for excellence has made it number eight in the world rankings, while its reputation for environmental stewardship has seen it win international awards as a leading green manufacturer. In addition to three hybrids, their line of award-winning saloons, estates, and SUVs boast above-average fuel economy that reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels while helping consumers keep operating costs low.

If you or your business is seeking a durable car with low running costs that’s also fun to drive, you can rely on an ever-popular Civic or Accord. Leading reviewers have showered these cars with awards including ‘most reliable’, ‘best company car to buy’, and ‘best diesel for fuel economy’. Small and medium enterprises find that these sedans offer a winning combination of price and value.

The key to saving money is to start with a good deal. Our vehicle specialists, here at OSV, can help your business find the right priced car for your needs and when it comes to leasing; our loyalty is with you, our customer.

Whether you are looking for a family suited CR-V or stylish Insight for your growing business fleet, let our helpful team pinpoint the Honda leasing deal that will fit your budget. Call one of our friendly team members today on 01903 538835 or contact us here for the latest lease prices and finance options.

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HONDA Articles

Review Of the all new Honda Civic With Tims Barnes Clay

A Massive Review of the all-new Honda Civic

16th February 2017

The Honda Civic seems to have been around forever. But has the all- new Honda Civic changed for the better? It's one of those Japanese names that has never faded or evolved into anything else, and it's quite amazing to think it has been on our streets since 1972. Honda says it wants to recapture…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

2017 Review Of The Honda Civic Hatchback

Massive Review Of The Honda Civic Hatchback: Features/ Prices/ Comparison

3rd February 2017

The new Honda Civic Hatchback looks a bit different to the more conventionally-styled hatchback’s in this sector. It comes with an excellent track record of reliability, and makes a strong alternative to the usual suspects in this market - the Ford Focus et cetera. Over the years, the Civic has cultivated a reputation for being…

Presented by Will Titterington

Review of the Honda CR-V

Review of the Honda CR-V Estate: Features / Price / Comparison

19th December 2016

The new Honda CR-V Estate is perhaps the best family car that Honda have ever produced. It’s comfortable, reliable and well-put together. And thanks to its SUV body style, it’s super practical. Whatever a family can throw at it, the 2016 CR-V is well equipped to cope. If you’re looking for a dependable family car…

Presented by Will Titterington

Best Hybrid City Cars

Review of the Honda Jazz Hatchback: Features / Price / Comparison

15th December 2016

The new Honda Jazz Hatchback again puts the focus on practicality, and is one of the most spacious family cars on the market. This makes it ideal if you’re planning on getting as much use out of it as possible, and always it’s really easy to access. It’s also really easy to drive, another quality…

Presented by Will Titterington

Honda Civic Hatchback Review

9th June 2016

Japanese manufacturer, Honda, saw that in order to conquer the European market they would have to embrace diesel technology – something they’ve been pretty passionate about ignoring for quite some time. But this is the modern era and that pig headed approach will most likely result in losing their place in the metaphorical championship –…

Presented by Will Titterington

2014 Honda Civic 1.6CDTI SE 5dr Hatch just £149.99 + VAT on Contract Hire

31st March 2014

Watch our Honda Civic Review We have a great offer on some brand new 14 plate 2014 Honda Civic 1.6CDTI SE 5dr Hatch incuding metallic paint for just £149.99 + VAT per month on contract hire. The offer is for a limited number of vehicles, with only 16 left at this price. So to secure this rate,…

Presented by Andrew Kirkley

Tweaked To Success: The 3 Point 2012 Honda Civic Review

15th August 2013

The Lowdown. Honda has clearly been hard at work trying to refine and improve the 2012 Honda Civic to ensure that it remains a real player in the ever-popular family hatchback market. On taking a closer look at the ninth-generation 2012 Honda Civic, it seems all that effort has paid off. Offering a better ride…

Presented by Andrew Kirkley

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