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Considering commercial electric vehicles for your business? Debating on whether they are right for you? You can discover your compatibility with a commercial electric vehicle using the Driver Assesment tool created by Lease Plan which will tell you if you are in the right place to switch to an electric van.

How to use the Commercial Electric Vehicles Driver Assessment Tool

To identify if you are in the right place to switch to an electric van, follow these simple steps:

  • Tell us what type of commercial vehicle you are looking for by selecting the type of vehicle that would most benefit you and/or your business
  • Select how often you exceed 100 miles in a single day
  • Highlight the types of journeys that you take and how often you take them
  • We also need to know the required payload, load volume and usage of the van
  • Lastly let us know where the vehicle will be kept when not in use and where it is likely to be charged

With all of the above information entered into the Driver Assessment tool we will be able to deliver you your appropriate matches, whether that be electric, hybrid or petrol/diesel.

Now you know whether a commercial electric vehicle is right for you, why not explore the costs associated with running them by using our Electric Vehicle Cost Per Mile Calculator.

Or if an electric vehicle is not suitable for you at this time, explore what the best types of vans for businesses are here.


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