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Fed up with juggling the risks involved with purchasing a used vehicle?

New cars are not for everybody – they come with a hefty price tag and depreciate at a much faster rate to that of a used car (as much as 20-30% as it is driven off of the forecourt). Used cars can be a minefield as there are lots of questions to be asked and things to consider. For Example:

  • Is the dealer I am buying from credible?
  • Is the finance package suitable for my requirements and tailored to my credit situation?
  • Am I getting a good deal or am I lining the pockets of a greedy dealer?
  • How do I know that the car has never been stolen, been involved in any accidents or already has finance in someone else’s name?
  • Will I get a better price if I travel to a different area in the UK?

Usually, the person who answers these questions works for the dealership that you are considering buying the car from. Although there are many good, honest dealers out there, as with any industry there are bad ones but whether they are good or bad they are biased towards their dealership and the car they are selling. They have had that car on their lot for a period of time and they NEED to sell it and many will say whatever they can in order for you to put pen to paper.

Here at OSV we are offering security to our clients who are purchasing a used vehicle and reducing the risks involved. Where we do not work for a dealership we can give you unbiased, independent advice on everything from finance packages, the supplying dealers, to cars themselves. Below are just some of the main benefits of using OSV to source your used vehicle:

  • You will get the best solution for your needs, we are an independent company with no specific allegiances to any specific dealer/dealer group – we get what’s best for our clients
  • You will have peace of mind dealing with a company, which has been in the industry since 1997 and has over 120 years of combined experience
  • You will be talking to a company who gets most of its business from recommendations
  • You will benefit from a truly independent company who has access to over 20 funders to help people with A1 credit to those with a troubled credit history
  • You will be dealing with a fully compliant company who are also members, for your peace of mind, of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) which gives you Quality Assurance

The OSV Used Car Customer Journey

It is important that you as a customer are aware of the journey that you will go on from your initial enquiry to when your vehicle arrives on your doorstep. As a transparent and honest vehicle broker, we like to show you each step of the way.

The Used Car Buyer Journey
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Why should I get my used car through OSV?

So why should you consider getting your used vehicle through OSV?

  • If you get your used vehicle through us, then we offer a six month warranty on all our used cars, which can also be extended if you wish.
  • We only work with the best suppliers and traders and we will never do business with anyone we don’t think are legitimate or might pose a risk to you as a customer. By doing this we ensure that all our suppliers have been trading for at least three years and that they are financially stable. If you find a vehicle that is not from one of our network of suppliers then we will carry out our own background checks on the supplier to ensure that they are legitimate.
  • We carry out our own Hire Purchase Investigation (HPI) check on the vehicle. This means that you can be guaranteed that the vehicle hasn’t been in an accident, written off and that there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle in someone else’s name.
  • We also do our own checks on the vehicle when it is in our possession. If it’s not as advertised or we do not think it is adequate and fails our own checks, we will tell you and find you a replacement. If the vehicle is due an MOT or a service, then we will ensure this is done before it is delivered to you.

What used cars are available through OSV?

OSV can source any make or model of any car or van in the country. We don’t have a showroom, which means that we can find you cars across the UK, and we aren’t just limited to the ones that are in a showroom. We have plenty of second-hand traders in our network, amounting to thousands of cars that can potentially be available.

That said, we do not look at any vehicle that is over the age of 4 years old or has done more than 60,000 miles.

We also supply vans of all makes and models at no additional cost. The process is exactly the same regardless of whether you want a car or a van.

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What are the pros and cons of getting a used car?



  • It can be more affordable
  • Lower depreciation
    • Used cars depreciate slower than new ones
  • You can get a used car on finance to stagger the payments
  • They can be less reliable
  • You don’t know the car’s past
    • You don’t know how well the car has been treated in the past
  • You might not get the exact specification you want
    • With a new car, you can choose everything, down to the colour and trim level, but this isn’t the case with a used car. This can mean more to some than it does to others but it is still worth noting.
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Can I get a used car on finance?

It is a common misconception that you can only buy a used car outright, but this isn’t always the case. We offer used cars on finance if you wish. You have two options for financing a used car;

Hire Purchase

This is a purchase scheme in which you make monthly payments for a period of time, up to 5 years. Once that time is up you have nothing more to pay and you will own the vehicle. 

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Personal Contract Purchase

This scheme involves paying a monthly fee for a set period of time. Once that time is up, however, you will have three options;

  • Hand the car back
    • Subject to mileage and condition restrictions
  • Keep the car
    • You will have to pay a Minimum Guaranteed Future Value, this is pre-agreed at the start of the contract
  • Part-exchange the car
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