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Kia has been working hard to build its brand image internationally and its market share in the UK specifically. Just a few years ago, Kia’s impact on the UK market was small; however they stepped up their game and began offering a long warranty which covers the car for seven years or 100,000 miles to show good faith. This unusual bumper-to-bumper warranty combined with an addition of many more models, helped to grow Kia’s market share and at present, they have cornered over three percent of the UK market.

The Sorento is one of Kia’s best-selling UK models. This 4×4 suits families who require the spacious seven seats. Both the Sorento and the Kia Sportage have been praised for their dynamic handling. The Sportage is a good-looking crossover that is priced to rival cars as much as SUVs. On the other hand, the svelte Carens remake is a perfect example of Kia showing off the fact that it has now lost its frumpy image. This total overhaul has turned this MPV model into a serious challenger in the three row market.

If cars are more your style, you may be interested in the Kia Soul. This car’s unique exterior was updated in 2014 to reflect modern trends. Now larger, it has many interior SUV-like aspects, despite its car status. For those who want a supermini, Kia’s first choice is the Picanto. Small enough to slip easily in and out of urban traffic, this vehicle boasts excellent fuel economy and an extremely affordable price. The five-door Rio represents another type of Kia supermini. A little larger than the Picanto, it still offers budget pricing and low operating costs.

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