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Still British-based, the MG brand has a factory in Birmingham, but it is a subsidiary of SAIC, a Chinese firm. The MG line has a long history dating back to the 1920s when the two-door roadster was a major seller for Morris Motors. In 2006, the brand appeared headed for the history books, but after the SAIC merger, new models began to appear.

Bigger and more oriented towards family and business use, the MG6 is offered as either a hatchback or a saloon. Thoroughly modern, it offers a standard colour touch-screen that doubles as a satellite-equipped navigational tool and a multimedia interface. The carefully-crafted interior offers a more spacious back seat than many rivals. The large boot, too, outclasses some of its rivals. With the helpful 60/40 split seat, the MG6 makes it easy to increase cargo space.

If you’re searching for a smaller vehicle, on the other hand, the MG3 is a five-door compact that is super-customisable, or if you’re looking for a bit of speed, you may like the MG 3Sport. The starting price of this vehicle is quite affordable, whilst a wide range of ten exterior choices offer a wide colour palette with graphics to spice up the roof, body and bonnet.

If you can see yourself rocking up in a shiny new MG in your future then get in touch with us today on 01903 538835 or if you’d rather not speak to us right now, leave us a message here and give us a time that works better for you. Our team will then be in touch with the latest lease deals and finance options that will suit your requirements.

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