Who’s It For?

The Nissan e-NV200 is an environmentally, emissions-free electric van/people carrier that is the only MPV available which emits zero CO2. This means it has no direct rivals. It has room for seven people, costs £21,325 in its most basic five-seater form, and is aimed at green-minded families who are on a budget and don’t mind that it drives like a van.

It will also make a lot of sense to taxi drivers who regularly ferry customers to the airport, with its total load capacity of 2,940-litres proving useful. Meanwhile, its driving range has increased by 60% over last time. [vc_single_image image=”63987″ img_size=”article-image”]Electric Motor & Handling

The Nissan e-NV200 is one of the heaviest electric cars around, and its weight is essentially what determines how it drives. It’s not as nimble or as agile as a much smaller EV, and it lacks the aerodynamism of a Nissan Leaf.

Performance is as expected from a large people carrier like this. Nissan have upgraded the battery pack to a 40kWh version, and the e-NV200 covers the 0-62 dash in 14.0 seconds flat, but drivers will be happy with how well it performs at speeds of under 40mph. In the towns and cities, it’s a joy to drive and it keeps up with traffic well.

The upright driving position is very reminiscent of a van. Nissan have equipped the e-NV200 with driving aids such as Hill Start Assist and single shift transmission. These make the vehicle safer and easier to drive, which is perfect for you and your family.

The e-NV200 is also almost silent, and this adds less stress for the driver. This will be especially appreciated by taxi drivers. The Cabin

The Nissan e-NV200 isn’t the most sophisticated MPV around, but its functional layout is ideal for school drop-offs and the like.


  • Comfort – The van-like driving position means the driver is sat upright, but the cabin on the whole is comfortable. That said, the further back you go, the bumpier the ride gets.
  • Quality – Soft touch plastics are missing, but build quality is excellent. The dashboard is nondescript but logically arranged. The vehicle also comes with a few smart features that allow you to check battery status and track previous journeys.
  • InsulationElectric motoring in general means you’re going to be treated to a near-silent cabin and refinement here is good.
  • Space and Practicality – The e-NV200 boasts large windows and a spacious interior, as well as seven seats if you specify them. Otherwise, you can choose to stick to the five-seater variant, which isn’t as practical. Interior storage solutions include a smaller-than-average glovebox and a few cubbies here and there. Rear-seated passengers get treated to a useful 12v power socket.
  • Load Capacity – The boot measures 870-litres when all seven seats are in use. Fold the third and second rows, and total load capacity measures 2,940-litres. A lack of a boot lip is a bonus, while the battery pack is handily located beneath the boot floor.


Price: £21,351 – £32,249

The five-seater version is reasonably affordable, but the seven-seater e-NV200 costs as much as an equivalent range-topping petrol-powered MPV.


  • Buyers can save money by renting the e-NV200’s batteries for a monthly fee. How much you’ll pay depends on ownership period and expected mileage.
  • The battery pack can be restored to 80% of its charge in forty minutes if you use a public rapid charger.
  • If you’re charging from a home wall box, you can restore the battery to its full charge in 7.5 hours.
  • Charging from a domestic three-pin plug takes 21.5 hours.
  • Nissan claim the e-NV200 has a range of 106 miles.