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Originally under the Citroen brand, DS has become the luxury make of the moment. The Brand originally started in early 2010 with the DS3 which quickly rose up the small car ranks. It was named Car Of The Year by Top Gear Magazine and awarded ‘What Car?’s second most efficient supermini (behind the Citroen C3) in its first year.

Due to its popularity, the Citroen branding was dropped in 2015 leaving the DS line to stand alone. Since the split, the brand has only grown with a new logo, new lines and a more sophisticated specification as standard.

Whether it’s a super efficient hatchback you’re looking for or a business class DS5, this brand will give you substance and style for any situation. And given their very reasonable price tag, they’re sure to be filling up our roads in no time.

We love the brand, and if you want to know more about the incredible value for money they offer, along with lease deals and finance options, then give us a call now on 01903 538835 or request a call back at a time that suits you.

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DS Articles

DS5 Hatchback Review

9th June 2016

The compact executive models sector is by and large dominated by BMW, Mercedes and Audi, but the Citroen DS5 is here to put a challenge as it attempts to break up the triumvirate of power. The French have in the past been associated with avant-garde in art and literature circles, but there is little doubting that…

Presented by Will Titterington

DS3 PureTech 130 Prestige

Review of the 2016 DS3 PureTech 130 Prestige (Features/Price/Comparison)

17th May 2016

It’s all go for DS at the moment. The brand shouting from the rooftops that it is now separate from Citroen is actually living up to the hype. The new-for-2016 DS3 was revealed amongst much pomp and ceremony in Paris at the beginning of the year, but we couldn’t drive it. It was a ‘static’…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

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