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Are you searching for a practical and efficient car that makes loading up the weekly shop really easy? Do you need more space in the boot than you’d get with a saloon? If so, then perhaps a hatchback is exactly what you’re looking for.

Hatchbacks are practical, super-efficient and economical, so it’s no wonder they’re the backbone of the car industry and a popular choice when it comes to leasing.

A hatchback is a car with a rear door which looks like a hatch (hence the name) that opens upwards. The rear of the car is often space shared by the rear passenger and the cargo. The most distinguishing feature of a hatchback is the roof-level hinged rear door.

When a car is referred to as being a hatchback it is normally considered a smaller, more practical car.

If you’re looking for a practical vehicle that’s great for everything from the weekly shop to the school run, with plenty of boot space and easy access then a hatchback might be ideal for you. Below is a range of makes and models that we can offer. Give us a call now on 01903 538835 or send us a message to request a call back at a time that fits you.



Though the term hatchback wasn’t actually used until around 1970, the car model itself was around for over 30 years before.

The first hatchback produced was the Citroën 11CV Commerciale. This model, released in 1938, was originally styled with a two-piece tailgate, with the top being hinged from the car roof and the bottom section hinged from below. When production of the 11CV resumed following the end of World War II the model was changed slightly, with the hatchback becoming a one-piece design all hinged from the roof – similar to the hatchbacks we see on the roads today.

In the 1950s Aston Martin, AC Cars and the British Motor Corporation (BMC) manufactured hatchbacks, some with the traditional roof hinge, others with the two-piece tailgate first seen in the original Citroën 11CV Commerciale.

Renault introduced the first ever mass-produced hatchback in 1961, the Renault 4, which was in production until the early 1990s (1992 in Argentina).

During the 1970s Europe saw demand increase for hatchbacks, which led to the release of cars like the Austin Maxi, Ambassador and Maestro as well as the Fiat 127 and Renault 5. In 1973 one of the most recognisable and popular hatchbacks was released onto the market, the Volkswagen Golf.

Over the last decade the popularity of 3-door hatchbacks has dropped, while the demand for 5-door models has increased. Many models, such as the Audi A3 and Renault Clio are no longer available in the 3-door version.



Though the term hatchback wasn’t actually used until around 1970, the car model itself was around for over 30 years before.

A hatchback is practical, spacious and ideal for a small family that wants a reliable car for the day to day. There are so many different models available, you’re bound to find one that suits every aspect of your lifestyle.

THE PROS OF A Hatchback

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Great boot space
  • Small engine – lower tax band

THE CONS OF A Hatchback

  • Less interior space
  • Small car = lower horsepower


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