Should I buy an electric car? Driver Assessment tool

  • Is an electric car right for me?
  • Should I switch to an electric car?

Are you wondering if you should buy an electric car? We know many of you are hesitant when it comes to making the move to electric which is why we have teamed up with Lease Plan to provide you with the perfect tool that will help you to decide if an electric vehicle is a good match for your lifestyle.

Based on your lifestyle, requirements and how you use your current vehicle our tool will help you discover if an electric vehicle is right for you.

How to use the Electric Vehicle Driver Assessment tool

To find out if you should buy an electric car and whether it is a good match for your lifestyle and requirements, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your annual and daily mileage below
  • Tell us how often you take the different types of journeys listed
  • Then tell us about your lifestyle, what type of journeys do you take at weekends and whether you have access to another vehicle
  • Select the type of parking you have access to and where you would have charging point access
  • Lastly pick which type of vehicle you are looking for

With all the completed information we will return to you with your matches, whether that be a compatibility with electric vehicles, hybrid or petrol/diesel. We will also highlight the pro’s and con’s so you have everything you need to take the next step in your vehicle search.

Now that you know if an electric vehicle is a good match for your lifestyle and requirements, you can start to explore whether running an electric vehicle is affordable using the Electric Vehicle Cost Per Mile Calculator.

You may also have more questions that you need answers to or want to understand more about what electric vehicles are available, you can do all of this via our Electric Vehicle Hub.


Unsure what electric vehicles are available? Have a chat with our experienced vehicle specialists to explore your options today. Book your free consultation.