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Designed and built with quality in mind. Skoda are stylish, elegant, and stunning to look at.
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    Are you looking for a stylish city car or, perhaps, you’d like a tough SUV? With a wide range of models available, Skoda is definitely a manufacturer to look at. They have something for everyone.

    You can browse all the Skodas we have available below. If you’d like to find out more about the history and reliability of the manufacturer, continue reading.

    How reliable are Skoda?

    When it comes to reliability, Skoda is 5 places above their parent company, Volkswagen, in the 2018 reliability survey conducted by Which?, taking the 17th spot in their rankings. 81% of owners who took part in the survey reported no issues at all with their vehicles.

    Skoda history

    Since the Czech company was founded in 1905 it has been through a lot, a decline following the global economic depression, repeated bombings during World War II by the UK and US armies, the fall of communism and a damaged reputation in the US due to reliability issues in the 1960s.

    In 1991, Skoda became a division of the German car company Volkswagen and under their careful management the company grew in leaps and bounds. Sales improved in the UK where the cars were no longer considered cheap and poorly manufactured. They are now seen as great value for money and in 2018 over 3% of new cars on UK roads were Skoda.

    Whether you’re looking at their roomy Fabia estate, or the well-established Octavia, Skoda isn’t short on style or quality. Take a look at the models we have on offer and come to us with any and all questions you have about this, or any other, manufacturer. Call us on 01903 538835 or send us a message to request a call back at a time that’s better for you. We’re here to help you get behind the wheel of a brand new car.

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