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Skoda cars are a division of the umbrella company, Volkswagen. These reasonably priced cars are frequently praised for their VW-like qualities such as a solid build, strong performance and excellent handling. Skoda can claim a long history as one of the five oldest automotive manufacturers, with business dating back over 100 years. This company, established in 1905, can claim only a small international market share, but since its purchase in 2000 by VW, it has grown steadily into a true contender.

The Octavia is Skoda’s best-selling model. This inexpensive hatch recently got a makeover that made it much more spacious and more appealing to buyers who are searching for a truly modern car. The larger Estate variant, on the other hand, appeals more to families. The Rapid small saloon and Rapid Spaceback (a hatchback), have slipped into the Octavia’s traditional spot. Their low price and money-saving fuel economy make these cars appealing to both families and businesses alike.

The Citigo is the brand’s urban car, challenging other tiny dynamos like the VW, whereas the Fabia, which boasts VW engine choices, is challenging contenders in the compact car market. The recent Fabia remake left it more spacious and able to handle 6-foot riders in the back seat.

Skoda’s most original offering is the Roomster. This compact MPV has a unique look that makes it stand out amongst today’s automotive look-alikes. Also unique, the Varioflex rear seats let passengers gain more personal space by folding and pushing forward the middle seat.

They does offer some larger choices too. The Superb Skoda saloon works to earn its name by offering a high quality interior with a touch-screen stereo and heated front seats. The Yeti, on the other hand, is a spacious crossover with a large cargo hold and offers an outdoor edition with four wheel drive.

OSV vehicle supply specialists can find the best Skoda leasing deals by searching a wide range of available lenders. We work for you, not the banks or the dealer and with our buying power we’ll ensure that you receive the best possible lease deal and finance option to suit your budget and lifestyle. Give us a call on 01903 538835 or contact us here and request a time that suits you.

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