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The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, are well known across the world for the high value they place on vehicle safety and, since 1985, they have continually pushed for a higher level of driver’s protection. So much so, that when Volvo developed the 3 point seat belt, they opened up their patent so that any manufacturer could use the idea for their own vehicles.

Combined with safety and practicality, recent design innovations have resulted in their sleekest and most stylish models to date. Volvo also produces vehicles with great storage capacity so, whether you’re looking for a nicely sized premium hatchback such as the Volvo V40, or you’re looking for something like the V60 with as much room as possible to shift things from A to B, spacious interiors are something this manufacturer specialises in.

Here at OSV, we have a vehicle to suit everyone. Our friendly team are always here to provide you with the latest Volvo lease deals and information regarding our Volvo cars for cash. Due to our buying power, we can also offer significant discounts, compared to our competitors on a number of lease deals so pick up the phone and dial 01903 538835 now, or fill in our contact form here so that we can help you to find the most suitable finance option for your lifestyle and budget.

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VOLVO Articles

Review Of The Volvo V60 Estate

Massive Review Of The Volvo V60 Estate: Features/ Prices/ Comparison

25th January 2017

The new Volvo V60 Estate looks much better than previous attempts by the Swedish brand at estate cars. The boxy look has been replaced by a much more modern design language so that the V60 can offer both substance and style, while competing with its fashionable rivals. Substance is plentiful. There is a lot of…

Presented by Will Titterington

Review Of The Volvo S60 Saloon 2017

Massive Review Of The Volvo S60 Saloon: Features/ Price/ Comparison

23rd January 2017

The new Volvo S60 Saloon is pitted against premium exec saloons such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, but it has a lot to offer in its own right. It’s never going to sell as many as its German rivals, but it makes for a comfortable, handsome and austere alternative for anyone who fancies something a…

Presented by Will Titterington

Volvo V90 D4 Inscription front bumper parked on road

The Huge Review of the 2016 Volvo S90 D4 Inscription: Features / Prices / Comparison

23rd September 2016

The new Volvo S90 is the standard bearing saloon from the refreshed Swedish automaker. Alongside the striking new V90 – its estate-bodied twin – the new S90 is looking to muscle in on the German dominance in the executive saloon market, and aims to enhance the driver’s life by providing a more relaxing and comforting…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

Volvo V90 D4 Estate

A Massive Review of the Volvo V90 D4 Inscription: Features / Prices / Comparison

16th September 2016

The Volvo V90 is to be Volvo’s standard-bearing estate car, and its designer Thomas Ingenlath has said that Volvo aims to produce a car that improves the driver’s life - hinting that he feels its competitors have become too focused on becoming status symbols. Alongside the XC90 SUV and the V90’s saloon-bodied twin - the…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

Volvo V40 T5, Tim Barnes-Clay

The Ultimate Review of the 2016 Volvo V40 T5: Features / Prices / Comparison

29th July 2016

In every school there’s one or two children who want nothing more than to cause as much trouble as possible. In isolation, they’re bad enough, but now imagine a crowded classroom of them - now you’re basically picturing the hot hatchback segment. Over the last few years, the number and quality of vehicles attending this…

Presented by Tim Barnes-Clay

Volvo XC70 Review

13th June 2016

The Volvo XC70 is not a fully-fledged 4×4, but what it is is an ordinary estate car-based off-roader that comes with SUV style. Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? The good news is that this car has some real off-road ability, and is perfect for buyers who want exactly that plus a bit of SUV…

Presented by Will Titterington

Volvo V70 Review

13th June 2016

Back in the day, before the army of SUVs, crossovers and people carriers took over, the Volvo estate – which is now the Volvo V70 Estate – was the be all and end all for families who craved space, and lots of it. Even now, this car is as relevant as ever, and thanks to…

Presented by Will Titterington

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