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Designed and built with quality in mind. Jeep are stylish, elegant, and stunning to look at.
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    If you’re looking for something compact combined with a bit of rough ‘n’ tumble when you’re driving then Jeep could be just what you’re searching for.

    You can browse all the Jeeps available below. If you’d like to find out more about the history and reliability of these American four-wheel drive vehicles, continue reading.

    Are Jeep reliable?

    When it comes to reliability, the most common issues experienced by Jeep owners are not serious and this earned the brand 4 stars out of 5 in the 2018 survey conducted by Which?.

    The history of Jeep

    Established in Toledo, Ohio in the US in 1945, the brand is well known for developing fun-loving off-roaders that are great to drive on the road too.

    The original Jeep was modelled on the Bantam Reconnaissance Car that was developed for the US forces during World War II, a sturdy car with four-wheel drive ideal for rough terrain.

    Since that time Jeep has been owned by many different companies and they are currently under the Fiat Chrysler umbrella, where they have been since 1987.

    Jeep currently manufactures SUVs and off-road vehicles and we’re home to all the latest models. So whether you want something dependable, or want something a little bit cheekier, we’ve got the lot. If you have any questions about Jeep or any other vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01903 538835 to speak to one of our friendly team. Or, if you’d prefer, request a call back for a time that suits you using the form on our contact page. We look forward to helping you start your new car journey.

    JEEP Articles

    Review of the Model

    Jeep Wrangler Hard Top SUV Review

    4th July 2017

    Planning an adventure? The new Jeep Wrangler Hard Top SUV makes driving up to the mountains with the roof down a piece of cake. A heroic, mini adventurer on rougher terrain, it’s less capable on-road. But it remains an iconic car that’s hard to beat for what it can do in the mud. And it…

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    Review of the Model

    Jeep Cherokee SUV Diesel vs Honda CRV vs Volvo XC60: Review & Comparisons

    24th June 2017

    The new Jeep Cherokee SUV Diesel is a good-looking off-roader that’s fun, comfy and full of life. It’s not quite the all-rounder, but it’s got bags of heritage and makes perfect sense for outdoorsy families. Indeed, if you’re looking for a car that your family can rough it in hassle-free, the Cherokee has a lot…

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    Review of the Model

    Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV vs Volkswagen Touareg vs BMW X5: Review & Comparisons

    23rd June 2017

    Jeep has been making 4x4’s since world war two, so they know what they’re doing. Their new Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV is alive with character. It’s a big and bold 4x4 by a trusted brand that comes with five seats, and a gigantic V8 engine. Easily one of the best to drive Jeeps ever, it’s…

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    Review of the Model

    Review of the Jeep Renegade 4×4: Features / Price / Comparison

    20th December 2016

    The new Jeep Renegade 4x4 sports unique, chunky looks, and, despite its fairly compact dimensions, is a tough cookie off-road. It copes well with a bit of rough and tumble but is a bit uninspired on the tarmac. It is, however, the car to look at if you want something a bit different for your…

    Presented by Will Titterington

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