Who’s It For?

The Peugeot iOn will suit commuters who want a quiet, stress-free and all-electric way of getting from A to B. Its compact styling makes it easy to drive, while advanced technology such as Peugeot Connect enhances your journeys even more.

Sister to the Citroen C-Zero, the Peugeot is also based on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. It has a claimed range of 93 miles, costs just £20,495 to buy and emits zero CO2.[vc_single_image image=”60718″ img_size=”article-image”]Electric Motor & Handling

The Peugeot iON sports a rear-wheel-drive layout and power comes from a 49kWh battery pack that delivers 180Nm of torque.

0-62 is taken care of in 15.9 seconds, while the sprint from rest to 30mph can be done in 5.9 seconds. This burst of pace makes the iOn ideal for urban driving and it feels right at home in towns and cities, where it feels agile and zippy. The skinny tyres are great for urban drives, too. The tall shape of the car further strengthens its abilities in urban settings.

On motorways and exposed rural lanes, drivers will have to exert more care. The extra weight of the batteries is noticeable, especially on winding roads and corners, and there is a lack of grip.

Body lean, on the other hand, is kept to a minimum.

The Peugeot iON comes with regenerative brakes which increase the power of the brakes, and also help to extend range.

Because the car has just one gear, it’s as smooth to drive as any of the best automatic transmissions around. The Cabin

Peugeot hasn’t filled the iOn with many luxuries but it’s smartly packaged and cutely styled.


  • Quality – A piano black insert fitted to the centre console is impressive, but less expensive plastics dominate. Peugeot have gone for a no-frills, basic cabin that’s functional and helps to keep the price down.
  • Comfort – The Peugeot iOn is aimed at a single driver, and comfort is fine for the most part. Rear seated passengers will find things a bit more of a squeeze on longer trips. Optional extras include a heated driver’s seat, which enhances comfort.  
  • Insulation – The car is quiet as it accelerates, but once you’ve picked up speed, tyre and noise from the motor begin to intrude.
  • Space and Practicality – Because of its tall, narrow shape, headroom is good upfront and in the rear. Visibility is aided by a large windscreen, while the rear seats are perfectly acceptable for two adults on shorter trips. Storage space includes one or two cubbies, but buyers might wish there were more.
  • Load Capacity – The lack of parcel shelf, and the fact that the rear seats split, make the 196-litre boot super usable. There’s enough room in here for up to 4 bags of food shopping. The electric motor is hidden beneath the boot floor.


Price: £20,495

Costs are where the Peugeot – like so many electric cars – excels.

  • Peugeot claim the iOn has a range of 93 miles.
  • The Peugeot iOn emits zero CO2, and is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and road tax.
  • A single charge should cost no more than £2. It takes up to 5 hours from a domestic three-pin plug but an 80% charge is possible if you use a fast charging bay.
  • Servicing is cheap, thanks to the lack of moving parts.
  • All Peugeot iOn’s come with an 8-year warranty.