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SEAT cars originated in Spain in the early 1950s. Model classification continues to emphasise Spanish geographical names, although the company has become a subsidiary of Volkswagen. Thus, drivers can enjoy the Ibiza hatchback, the Toledo saloon and the Alhambra MPV.

Over the last five years, sales of SEAT cars have grown steadily in Europe and in 2013, the automaker’s UK market share grew to a full 2% – more than 45,000 cars per year. Their emphasis on ecologically-sound, fuel-smart vehicles is part of what has spurred its sales increase, with ecomotive editions in particular, being favourites among customers.

Small and versatile, the Mii and its bigger sister, the Ibiza, are built to serve the urban driver. While the emphasis is on fuel efficiency, the cabins emphasise the latest technologies, including Safety Assist and the SEAT Portable System. This on-board computer combines the best of satellite navigation, Bluetooth and audio. The Ibiza Sport Coupe offers the Ecomotive engine, which automatically starts/stops at red lights and utilises energy recovery to reduce fuel use. The Ibiza Sport Tourer, on the other hand, offers a more powerful engine and a racier attitude.

If you’re looking for something that’s spacious, the Leon and Altea hatchbacks offer consumers more space and more features. The Leon adds exciting options such as Park Assist, while the Altea XL stretches this hatchback to provide extra space for people and cargo. The SEAT Alhambra also provides generous interior space and power-operated sliding doors, great for families on the go.

If a SEAT car appeals to you, let us help you get the best lease deal possible and a finance option that suits you. Get in touch with one of our experienced and friendly team members today on 01903 538835 or contact us here, we can secure SEAT leasing deals to suit your ideal budget and lifestyle.

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