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  • How reliable is Audi?

    22nd October 2020 / 23 Comments

    Is Audi reliable? What are the most common Audi problems? Which Audi is the most reliable? Which Aud [...]

  • What is Fleet Leasing?

    8th October 2020 / 0 Comments

    What is fleet leasing? What are the benefits of fleet leasing? Is it better to buy or lease a fle [...]

  • Are Mercedes Expensive to Maintain?

    Are Mercedes expensive to maintain?

    2nd October 2020 / 20 Comments

    For many, owning a Mercedes is a dream come true, but one thing that it’s impossible to avoid thinking about wh [...]

  • What's covered by a manufacturer's warranty?

    What is covered by a manufacturer's warranty?

    11th September 2020 / 14 Comments

    When you get a new vehicle (whether lease or purchase) you will benefit from the cover provided by a manufacturer [...]

  • Who's responsible for lease car repairs

    10th September 2020 / 10 Comments

    Whether you have purchased or are leasing your new vehicle, you are required to ensure your car is well-maintained, [...]

  • What's included in a Vehicle Lease?

    What's included in a vehicle lease?

    9th September 2020 / 1 Comment

    As with anything new, the one thing you want is to keep it looking as immaculate as possible. It doesn’t matter w [...]

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