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Review Of The Audi A6 Avant Estate

Looking for an objective review Audi A6 Avant Estate? OSV have got you covered, from engines to lease deals.

There was a time when Estate cars were big ugly things that were hard to park. How things have changed! The austere new Audi A6 Avant Estate is one of the biggest, roomiest large executive cars that money can buy right now. It’s got enough space for you and your family to sit in comfort, a huge boot that will swallow all your luggage, and it matches all this up with superb performance.

The A6 also has the desirability factor, which is important in a sector that is increasingly about image. It’s a car that’s been around for a few years now, and has been steadily building its reputation along the way. It’s got better looking, and represents a fine way for you to go about your business in a car that’s as stylish as it is useful and easy to live with.

And thanks to advanced tech, you can forget all about estate cars like this being awkward to park.

OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our 2017 Audi A6 Avant Estate review.


On The Road

The A6 is a relaxing cruiser that is right at home on the motorway. It’s not as agile on twisting country roads, but it’s a car that makes you feel reassuringly secure at all times. It’s a lot easier to driver than the outgoing A6, and this is helped in no small part by the fact that it weighs less. The lighter aluminium body helps with composure and litheness, and it adds up to a pleasant driving experience.

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In a surprising move by Audi, there are no petrol engines in the range. If you really want to get your hands on a petrol model, you could either take a look at the high performance S6 Avant model, or you could check out other cars in this market, such as the BMW 5 Series.

The diesels kick off with a 2.0-litre TDI Ultra engine. This is our top pick. It delivers up to 187bhp, which is just about hough to get it from a rest to 62mph in 8.7 seconds when paired up with the manual gearbox. Pair it up with the automatic transmission, and you can improve that time to 8.5 seconds. Both models max out at 140mph.

The 2.0 engine is the slowest in the range, but there is lots of pulling power on offer. It certainly won’t be caught short when you want to pull off an overtake.

However, for more power you might want to take a look at the 3.0-litre TDI diesel engine. It produces up to 215bhp, and can do 0-62 in just 7.3 seconds in standard two-wheel-drive guise. If you beef it up with quattro four-wheel-drive, you can nudge those numbers up to 6.8 seconds.

A crackling 3.0-litre BiTDI four-wheel-drive diesel engine is enthroned at the top of the range. It delivers an astonishing 316bhp, and can thrust you from a standstill to 62mph in almost 5.0 seconds before maxing out at 155mph.

Interior, Design & Build

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Unusually for an Audi, the A6 Avant Estate can offer a comfortable ride – if you stick to the 17” alloys and standard steel suspension setup at least. Opting for the S Line model results in a firmer ride, thanks to the lowered suspension setup and bigger alloys.

More comfort in the standard model is assured by good insulation, which keeps exterior noises from entering the cabin. The supportive leather seats provide even more comfort, and will prove their use on lengthier trips.

To retain this cars desirable image, Audi have swathed it in high quality materials. The soft touch plastics are easy on the eye, while the plush surfaces help to promote a really upmarket atmosphere and sense of occasion. The controls are well positioned and within reach, while the A6 gets treated to the brand’s MMI control system that reduces the need for button clutter.

The car is practical. Measuring five metres in length, it’s able to comfortably seat five people. And if you thought estate cars were still difficult to park, the brand’s parking system makes it a cinch. However, despite the length, this car is actually shorter than its predecessor. Despite this, headroom across the board is still good.

As mentioned, five people can sit in comfort, but it’s worth pointing out that anyone sat in the middle will have to cope admirably with a rather large bump that raises from the floor. Useful storage spaces are everywhere, and include door bins and a good-sized globe box, while the boot measures 565-litres. It can grow to 1,680 when you fold down the rear seats.

Equipment & Safety

Standard equipment across the range is good, with the entry level models getting parking sensors, DAB radio, sat nav, Bluetooth phone connectivity, four-zone climate control, as well as leather seats. The list of optional extras is quite long and daunting, and includes gadgets such as a head-up display, night vision and even a TV.

In terms of safety, the A6 achieved a perfect score when it took its Euro NCAP crash safety test. It scored especially highly for child protection and adult occupant protection. Its standard kit includes an anti-theft alarm, electronic stability control, as well as the brand’s Parking System Plus. You also get 6 airbags.

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Costs Of The Audi A6 Avant Estate

Prices for the new car start out from £35,000 and rise to £59,000. For more information on our lease deals, you can check out our page here.

In terms of its running costs, the A6 is reasonably affordable to keep on the road, but this is offset by high maintenance costs. The two diesel engines on offer are both economical, wit the 2.0-litre TDI Ultra able to return 64mpg, while costing just £30 a year in road tax. The 3.0-litre TDI is good for 55mpg, and will cost £130 per year to tax.

If running costs are a priority of yours, you’ll want to avoid the high performance S6 model.

Pros and Cons Of The Audi A6 Avant Estate



Looks Good

It’s not easy to make a hulking big estate car look good, but Audi has pulled it off. They’ve spruced it up, put on its best suit and given it a good grooming. It’s handsome and gorgeously put together.

Good Selection of Engines

Whether you want some, economical diesel engines or powerful petrols, there is an engine for everyone here.

Affordable To Run

The 4.4-litre petrol engine aside, the range is characterised by affordable engines that represent a fantastic ROI.

Not As Big As Some Rivals

If you need more space, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Mercedes E-Class Estate, which we review below.

Not As Fun To Drive As Some Rivals

If you want more fun, it’s worth taking a closer look at the BMW 5 Series, which we also review below!


Audi A6 Avant Estate vs BMW 5 Series Touring Estate vs Mercedes E-Class Estate

Let’s see how the car fares against its rivals in the comparison section of our 2017 Audi A6 Avant Estate review.

Audi A6 Avant Estate vs BMW 5 Series Touring Estate

The new BMW 5 Series Touring Estate is another large executive estate that proves this type of car doesn’t have to be unsightly and awkward to park.

In terms of drivability, it achieves a perfect score. It’s the sharpest to drive in this sector, and will arguably be the benchmark against which all other exec estate cars are judged for years to come. The only criticism we have is that if you don’t add the adaptive dampers (which frustratingly don’t come as standard), you’ll be in for an unnecessarily firm ride. Add them, and ride quality will be excellent.

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There is a good selection of diesel engines on offer, starting with a 2.0-litre diesel that powers the 535d. It packs a punch, can get you from a standstill to 62mph in 5.4 seconds, and is good for 49.6mpg.

There are a handful of petrol engines to choose from, too. The petrol range kicks off with the 528i model that is performative and reasonably economical, with fuel economy returns averaging 44.1mpg. However, the turbocharged 3.0-litre 302bhp unit is more potent. It’s paired up with the 535i, and covers the 0-62 dash in 5.8 seconds without any fuss.

Whichever model you go for, you’ll get a car that’s just as sharp as the saloon – despite the larger boot. To get the best out of how it handles, though, you will to go for the pricier models and add a few choice extras.

And like the saloon from which it’s derived, the 5 Series Touring SUV is comfortable. The cabin is minimalist and well put together, with top-notch materials forming the dash along with some high quality finishes. The interior is a good rival to the one in the Audi, but gets the bonus of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system which, as infotainment systems go in 2017, is different class. You can get a useful head-up display too for more cash.

It was impossible for BMW not to make their 5 Series Estate one of the most practical cars around. The saloon was already more useful than your a swiss army knife, and all BMW had to do was add to it. As such, you get a whopping 560-litres boot space, which can be extended to 1,670 by folding down the rear seats.

Interior space is also very good, with the two front-seat occupants getting acres of room in which to get comfy. Access to the back seats is easy, thanks to big doors, and the car comes with IXOFIX mounting points. We also like the fact that the back sats can backrest and seat-height adjustment.


Audi –

BMW – £33,300 – £51,300


Audi A6 Avant Estate vs Mercedes E-Class Estate

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The new Mercedes E-Class Estate is an exquisite executive car that boasts a gorgeous interior, lots of space, and more advanced tech than most of its rivals.

If it’s a comfortable driving experience you’re looking for, this composed E-Class is hugely appealing. Driving it is easy and straightforward, and it does everything you want it to do without a fuss. If we could aim one criticism at it, we’d say that there is still too much body lean, but if you compare this to the E-Class saloon, there isn’t much to separate them.

The most popular engine will likely by the 2.0-litre E220d diesel engine that produces up to 192bhp, and which can get you from a standstill to 62mph in 7.7 seconds. However, like a lot of Mercedes diesel engines, it can get noisy the harder you work it.

The nine-speed gearbox works well with this car, but if you want a petrol model, you’ll have to fork out extra for the high-performance and seriously quick AMG model. This is a car that will satisfy sportier buyers, but it comes at a cost – average fuel economy returns of 32.8mpg are not exactly pretty.

At the other end of the spectrum, the E220d diesel model can return 67.3mpg, and emits just 109g/km of CO2.

The interior is just stunning and lives up to Mercedes’ reputation as a premium brand that treats its buyers to top-notch cabins. There are marks of excellence everywhere, from the air suspension that guarantees comfort, to the overall interior design. Mercedes have paid close attention to detail, and have delivered a limo-like cabin that is simple, elegant and finely crafted.

This is a practical car that can boast a massive 640-litre boot. This is significantly larger than the one in the Audi, as well as one in the Volvo V90, which has historically had the biggest boot in this class. Fold the rear seats and you get up to 1,820-litres of boot space.

There are ample storage spaces for more of your everyday needs, such as cavernous door pockets and storage nets on the back of the seats.


Audi – £35,000 – £59,000

Mercedes – £38,000 – £40,700

Verdict Of Our 2017 Audi A6 Avant Estate Review

Audi have nailed what Brits love about modern day exec estate cars: Image, versatility, strength, practicality, and solid build quality. This is a safe, spacious and classy way to travel.

It’s up against some strong rivals in this sector, so you’ll need to mull this one over carefully. However, few can compete with the Audi A6 Avant Estate when it comes to all-round ability.

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