Although ownership has changed over the years, the Range Rover has remained a thoroughly British creation. Developed by Land Rover, the vehicle has been in constant production since the first Range Rover rolled off the line at the Solihull UK Plant in 1970. For more than a decade, Land Rover was associated with BMW, but more recently it has become more closely associated with Jaguar. The company easily enjoys a high sales volume that represents over 2.5 percent of vehicles sold in the UK annually. It definitely has a stronghold on sales of off-roading SUVs.

Today’s models are more sophisticated and luxurious than ever. Many consumers consider them to be an investment. The Evoque, for instance, has been shown to hold over 60 percent of its value, even after three years. The model comes in several variants and while they share styling attributes, each one has a different focus, which is great for customers looking for a vehicle to suit their lifestyle.

All of the models offer exceptional handling that is meant to defy their large size and in fact, the Range Rover is an excellent off-road vehicle. With high ground clearance, four wheel drive, and special skid plate protection, the vehicle allows drivers to venture into unknown territory for a fun and enjoyable ride.

The Range Rover Sport, on the other hand, takes a different tactic. It expects to stay on the road, taking its occupants on a high quality ride in spacious, well-appointed surroundings, whilst the Range Rover Evoque adds even more luxuries to the package, claiming to provide the highest level of modern technology and creative comforts.

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