Leon Virtue: 2014 SEAT Leon SC Review [Video]

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The SEAT Leon is well-known for being sporty, fluid and dynamic, with the 2014 Seat Leon SC no different. Thanks to its success on the Touring Cars (twice winners in recent years, in 2008 and again in 2009), its reputation was further enhanced and strengthened, and now we have the new SEAT Leon SC to take a look at that not only reaffirms SEAT’s credentials – but sharpens and widens them.


2014 SEAT Leon SC

Whether you’re looking to provide for your family, or if you’re an individual looking to inject some charisma and excitement into your life on the road, the 2014 Seat Leon SC offers pluses to both demographics. A polished improvement on the previous model, with a complete rear exterior revamp taking place, the question has now become whether the SC is even a three door hatch anymore – or whether it’s evolved into a super-slick Coupe. The sporty Seat Leon FR SC version is certainly charismatic enough to rival the Honda Civic Type R, but practicality still has a huge part to play here. So let’s have a look at what it offers.

3 Door Hatch?

A shorter, invariably more exciting version of the Spanish giants’ best-selling hatchback, the 2014 Seat Leon SC is popular with consumers precisely because of its sporty traits. Continually marketed as a 3 door hatch, few would contest the point that the new SC could just as easily be termed a Coupe. But this is not to suggest that SEAT have focused simply on the design.

True, the company has certainly pulled out all the stops in a bid to revamp the aesthetics, claiming this is the best looking car they’ve ever come up with. It’s a bold statement, but one which is well justified. The front exterior reminds you of past Leon’s; brand identity is strong as your eyes are enticed by the familiar trapezoidal seat grill, and the usual arrowhead design. This is certainly important for consumers who have created certain associations with SEAT, but it’s the rear where fresh ideas have been implemented.

The rear has been given an overhaul, a degree of aggression and snarl has been added, with the body work considerably shortened by 35mm, handing it the diminutively sporty look the manufacturers have clearly been aiming for. It works too, with the car looking racier, more dynamic and slicker than ever. If these kind of aesthetics are important to you, there are also nice little touches, such as the tinted rear windows and chrome exhaust pipes. It certainly has a decorative feel to it, but SEAT have certainly not gone overboard; there is nothing tacky here, everything is done with creative restraint.

How Functional Is It, Though?

The 2014 Seat Leon SC is designed to provide high performance driving. It handles even the most daunting surfaces superbly, and comes with improved lateral movement that makes for better contact with the road, particularly if you’re approaching a tight corner a little too quickly. Electronic deferential lock is an optional extra, but if you choose to invest in it, you’ll get more power down in tighter corners, which for some is important.


Front view of 2014 Seat Leon SC

2014 Seat Leon SC

The most popular engine with consumers is the 2 litre diesel TDI with 150 PS that can make 62 mph in 8.4 seconds from rest. With a top speed of 134 mph, it also has 330 neutron metres of torque that aid and enhance the power. The sportier FR 2 litre TDI can top 120 mph and gets 67 miles to the gallon, which is pretty impressive. A DSG gear box is an optional extra; it provides 6 speeds on the diesels and 7 on the petrols, but you’d be looking at paying £1,300 premium.

The roof height in the rear is significantly lower than in its 5 door cousin, but this is something you expect and most people make do with it. Space is again a little cramped, with the developers claiming that you can easily fit 3 adults in the back; we’d have to disagree on this front, but two adults will fit in nicely, with leg room being as good as the 5 door hatchback. Similar also to the 5 door is the boot, with a capacity of 380 litres which also puts it on a par with Kia’s Proceed.

Final Thoughts

The 2014 Seat Leon SC represents excellent value for money, with prices starting from £16,000 and rising to £23,000. How much you pay in the end depends on which options you decide to invest in. All engines and models come with standard but excellent features including air conditioning, tyre pressure monitoring, powered front windows and a height adjustable drivers seat. The downside with the pricing is that it will cost you around £18,000 for the sporty FR trim, which should really be a standard throughout in the first place. Indeed, if you remove the FR, the Leon falls back from being a sleek Coupe to being a mere 3 door hatch.

Still, weight reduction is excellent, with the 2014 Seat Leon SC being lighter than most of its rivals thanks to Volkswagen’s innovative NQV platform. Moreover, it has an energy recovery system which ably stores brake energy that is normally lost, whilst also saving on fuel. SEAT refer to this as eco-motive technology, and anyone with more than a passing interest in emissions and how they effect the environment will find this concept very pleasing. Overall, it’s a stylish but immensely practical 3 door hatch/Coupe that is considerably cheaper than its closest competitors – see the VW Golf GTI.

We at OSV are committed to finding you the right 2014 SEAT Leon SC finance and cash deals. If you want to get hold of the 2014 SEAT Leon SC, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our Seat Leon SC lease deals.

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