A Searing Performance: The 2015 Audi RS7

The 2015 Audi RS7  forms the pinnacle of Audi’s A7 range. The basic idea behind the RS7 is to harness ballistic performance capability of the RS6 Avant by taking that same mighty twin turbo charged 552bhp 4.0ltr V8 engine and Quattro 4WD system combo and putting it into a sleeker, more desirable coupe-esque form. It’s also more efficient to boot and is a top drawer recipe for something that will blow your mind.

front view of 2015 Audi RS 7

A key thing about the 2015 Audi RS7 is the styling – it’s geared as an RS6 Avant but with more sex appeal. Have they succeeded? Well the styling definitely turns heads compared to other RS models. It’s large and low slung with an air of elegance combined with sporty detailing to give it that aggressive premium edge. This new generation model sees a subtly redesigned set of bumpers, with distinctive air intakes that work well with the Audi grille and new headlights with Matrix LEDs now as standard.

Inside of the 2015 Audi RS7, there is certainly a good amount of cabin space. The general cabin layout is very ‘Audi’; that is to say it’s beautifully crafted and minimalistic with great materials and build quality. It’s basically the A7 interior but with a few bits of flashy detailing and 2015 Audi RS7 badges. The RS sports seats stand out as a feature, gripping you in and provide excellent support and adjustability for the perfect driving position. You can get something very special in here if you’re willing to dip into the options list. It can be said that the MMi infotainment screen is a little small and could do with a graphics upgrade, but this is just in the detail.

rear view of 2015 Audi RS7

In the rear, as with any coupe, it isn’t the main focus of this car. There’s decent enough room for rear passengers considering, but tall passengers might find themselves a bit more intimate with the room than they would probably be comfortable with. Other than that the seats are individually sculpted and adjustable. The boot is large at 535ltrs, which should suit most owners’ needs very well. The rear seats can obviously fold down should you need to make full use of the space on offer. There are some lovely premium touches such as smart covers over hinges.

Behind the wheel, the 2015 Audi RS7 is incredibly effective as a machine. There’s terrifying power on offer from the 560ps 4.0ltr V8 engine, mimicking the RS6’s capability of insane Lamborghini -like acceleration and topping it to reach 62mph in a jaw dropping 3.9 seconds up to the limited top speed of 155mph. You can however up this to 175mph or 189mph if you’re willing to part with cash for performance packages. It has improved in efficiency despite this frightening level of performance. The torque is brilliant at 700Nm, with peak torque getting to you at just 1,750rpm, meaning the throttle response is practically instantaneous. The V8 returns 29.7mpg and emits 221g/pk of CO2 . Sure that’s never going make a Toyota Prius sweat, but then again the only Prius you’ll see nudging 200mph is a fireball!

Another great side to this car is how fool-proof it is. There’s a great level of ease about driving this that gives a lot and demands very little in return. It’s loaded with clever technology and can bail you out should you go into fast corners and such with a little more ambition than skill, while the car grips the road well enough to take the road with it anyway so you feel in control at all times. Audi’s infamous Quattro 4WD system obviously plays a big part in this, combined with torque vectoring and sport differential to rectify any wheel slip whatever the weather so you can just point the 2015 Audi RS7 and go. The magic carpet-like air suspension allows it to soak up road blemishes as if they weren’t there for a great amount of comfort, although if you fancy the suspension setup being sharper and more responsive, you can opt for the RS sports suspension package. It’s worth noting that the steering lacks a certain amount of feel around the corners. This vagueness seems to be an overarching flaw in the whole RS line up. It’s accurate and weighty but it does feel a bit Xbox-y.

Audi’s Drive Select system allows the driver to tailor their 2015 Audi RS7 experience via different modes from Comfort to Dynamic. This allows for the monstrous performance-based dynamic mode drive (does exactly what it says on the tin) and a surprisingly civilized drive for cruising users. This gives the Audi RS7 a kind of a bipolar driving personality that allows it to be anything you want it to be.

All in all, what’s the lowdown with the 2015 Audi RS7? The shortest way of explaining the RS7 is that it’s a mass appeal version of the nichey RS6 – a car with one of the most beautiful and diverse driving experiences that Audi has to offer. This 2015 Audi RS7 simply repackages all those great ingredients into a more desirable saloon body rather than estate ‘Avant’ form. It’s charismatic and great looking – plus thanks to its dual personality, the sheer power you have on tap is INSANE but it also allows you to drive about with almost limo-like levels of comfort when you don’t fancy showing off. This essentially makes it whatever you want it to be! Ok so the Audi RS7 is on the pricier side of the scale to be sure, but if you’ve got a bit of money to spend, then you really need to get this car on your list!

If you want to get hold of the Audi 2015 Audi RS7 Avant then don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact us page or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out about our Audi lease deals.

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  • 29th January 2015

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