Bentley UK Sales at record high

Bentley are celebrating a strong resurgence in sales during 2011, which has taken them back to pre-recession levels.

Sales in December hit 2,021 cars, a one third improvement on the same month in 2010, making it Bentley’s best month since 2007 and its second best ever.

Overall, 2011 saw global sales climb by 37%, with Bentley delivering just over 7,000 new cars to customers.

Good news for the UK

This is a welcome boost to the beleaguered British economy, as Bentley are the UK’s third largest investor in R&D in the automotive sector, and the 18th largest R&D investor in the country across all sectors.

Bentley employs almost 4,000 people at its Crewe HQ, and exports over £500 million worth of products annually.

Thanks to the strong interest in their Bentley Mulsanne and the new Bentley Continental V8, Bentley are confident in expecting further growth in 2012.

Existing and emerging markets both strengthened

The US maintains its position as Bentley’s number one market, with sales increasing by almost a third in 2011.

China broke all previous sales records to take second place, for the first time ever. Despite only being in mainland China for ten years, this year demand was so strong that 2010’s sales were exceeded by July.

By the end of the year Bentley were delighted to have almost doubled sales for 2011 compared to 2010.

Increases in every market

Germany saw a truly remarkable sales growth of 88% during the year, helping to bring Continental European sales up to 1,187, a 53% increase.

Bentley says that the UK was one of its more challenging markets, although sales still grew 5% to 1,031.

The political turmoil in the Middle East didn’t prevent that market from improving as well.

CEO’s delight

Wolfgang Durheimer is effusive in his praise for the Bentley team, describing the 2011 sales results as a testament to their passion and daily commitment.

Pictures to follow.

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  • 5th January 2012

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