What is the best sporty car to lease?

Looking for a new sporty car? Here are some of your options...

what is the best sporty car to lease

Contrary to popular belief, sporty cars are not just for the young driver. There are plenty of sporty cars on the market that are suitable for everyone. And, that might be why you’re looking to lease one.

But, which is the best sporty car to lease?

In this article, we look at the different types of sporty car, and which one is the best.

What defines a sporty car?

Firstly, what do we even mean when we say sporty car?

A sporty car isn’t judged by its engine size. Sporty is actually the trim level and what the car looks like. There are a wide range of sporty cars available. There are the smaller vehicles such as the Fiesta ST and Polo GTI. Both of these cars are very light but have very high brake horsepower. So they’re quick and nippy but are much smaller than sporty cars such as the Mercedes M4 or the Mercedes C63. Both of these cars are very quick but also very expensive.

what is the best sporty car to lease

Who are sporty cars for?

As I said above, sporty cars aren’t just for the young boy racer. There are some trim levels such as the Ford Focus ST which might be a bit too much for some. But, there are plenty of other sporty cars that are suited to everyone.

The most popular sporty cars are great for pretty much all ages, including families.

Petrol vs. Diesel; which is best for a sporty car?

what is the best sporty car to lease

The petrol versions are generally sportier, quicker and more responsive than diesel.

For example, take the Golf GTD and the Golf GTI. Both have the exact same specification but the GTD is the diesel version and the GTI is the petrol. The GTI has 230 brake horsepower whereas the GTD has 184 brake horsepower. So, you can see that the petrol is more powerful.

Of course, the diesel is still sporty and quick. But it’s down to you which you would rather.

Which sporty car is best value for money?

In terms of value for money again it depends what you are looking for. However, in my opinion, I would say the Golf GTD.

This is because it has a 2 litre diesel engine and does about 0-60 in around 7 seconds. This is pretty quick for a diesel engine. It’s also economical at 62 miles to the gallon. So, if you were to do 30 miles a day, it would cost you around £20 a week in diesel.

It’s also really high spec with things such as;


  • Sat Nav
  • Heated seats
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Audio streaming
  • Light sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Bluetooth

Which sporty car is the cheapest to lease?

Of course, cheap and good value for money are different things. And, if we’re looking at the least expensive sporty car to lease then I would say the SEAT Leon SR.

It has a sporty trim level and a similar engine to the GTD but you get less. While it’s built by VW it feels like less than the GTD. Everything is a bit less expensive. But if you’re looking for a similar engine size to the GTD without the price then the SEAT Leon SR is something you should consider.

What sporty cars are the most expensive to lease?

When we’re talking about sporty cars we’re talking about the ones you are likely to see on roads on a regular basis. So, this is excluding manufacturers such as Lotus and Porsche.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious sporty car then you’re looking at the likes of the BMW MSport. Or potentially the Audi S Line. 

All of them have 2 litre engines with varying power.

what is the best sporty car to lease

What affects the lease price of a sporty car?

The lease price of a sporty car varies quite a bit. That’s why we can’t give definite prices in this article. But generally, the sportier the car, the bigger the engine. And the bigger the engine the more powerful it will be. The more powerful the car the more expensive.

When is the best time to lease a sporty car?

The motoring industry works in quarters. And there are always pretty good deals on cars, including sporty ones, at the end of those quarters.

There are also some great deals around the April and September months. These are when the new license plates come into effect. Therefore, it’s around this time that you get the best level of discount.

That’s not to say that there aren’t great deals all year round, however. If you go through the right broker or dealership then you will be able to find the best deal for you at any time.

What are the most popular sporty cars to lease at the moment?

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but the most popular sporty cars I’ve seen are;

So there are a wide range of sporty cars on the market. There is no age, or price, limit on a sporty car. You just have to make sure you find the best one for you.

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Rachel Richardson
  • 22nd September 2016

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