BMW Go Ultra Low

15076038552_cee871e733_oThis month, BMW cemented their commitment to Go Ultra Low, a campaign that is dedicating itself to raising awareness across the UK of the benefits of driving ultra-low emission vehicles.

Heavyweight Backing

It’s a campaign backed by heavyweight names in the automobile industry, with the likes of BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Renault all involved in pushing the drive by investing in ultra-low emission cars, including the successful BMW i3, which has so far sold 1,858 in the UK alone. And it’s a campaign that is really beginning to take off, with the idea being that once you’ve tried an ultra-low emission car, you won’t want to go back. Even Nick Clegg has got involved, saying, “Once you’ve got the vehicle, it’s incredibly cheap to run.”

And – for once – the guy is right. Pure-electric vehicles can run for approximately 100 miles on one charge, whilst plugin ULEVs claim ranges approaching a whopping 700 miles. This is only expected to get better and it means that more and more people who are increasingly looking for new ways to save money are now beginning to seriously consider ULEVs as a viable on-the-road option. The biggest stumbling blocks in the past have been range – as well as a lack of choice. But even that is now beginning to change.


Indeed, there are currently 15 ULEVs available in the UK, and their variety means that more and more drivers are starting to take an interest. Buyers can get their hands on a wide range of vehicles that includes SUVs, family cars, city cars, and even vans. This means more people are able to get hold of the specific car they want whilst keeping running costs down.

Such a broader choice has led to more sales, which in turn has led to an increase in word of mouth. ULEVs are no longer just the car of choice for those few who have dared to make the first move, but are becoming a plausible option for a wide range of consumers from all walks of life, including those looking to downsize, as well as those looking try something new, different – and forward thinking.


Other benefits extend to tax, with the government offering £5,000 off the price of a ultra low emission vehicle, whilst you can drive one for as low as just 2 pence per mile. This means that they are an incredible FIVE times cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel alternative.

Strangely enough, despite all these numerous advantages, and despite the fact that all mainstream car manufacturers will have an electric powered vehicle on the market by the start of 2016, the only campaign that is dedicated to pushing the concept remains the Go Ultra Low campaign.

But this will surely change as more people become aware of the significant improvements an electric car can have on their life. In the past, a major worry was that an ULEV would look too unorthodox, too eccentric to catch on, but such a feeling has been dispelled by slick releases, among them the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, the super fashionable Renault Zoe, and the cool as a cucumber BMW i8. The future is bright – the future is ULEV bright.

Will Titterington
  • 1st March 2015

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