BMW i3 BEV Review

bmw i3 bev

BMW have produced a quality city car with the i3 BEV, but their designers have got it a bit wrong this time…

BMW’s electric city car is available in two forms. One has a little two-cylinder engine which charges the battery pack when asked to and should put at ease the minds of potential customers suffering from range anxiety. The BEV tested here is the other one. There’s no engine, so the only way to charge its battery is to plug it into the mains.

My main problem with the i3 is that I feel it has been drastically over-styled. BMW’s design department seems uncomfortable with anything smaller than a 3-Series, tending to pack in more visual elements than the size of the car can bear. I have always thought this when a 1-Series comes in to view, and I think it twice as much with regard to the i3.

In the opposite situation, if you want acceleration you can have a lot of it. The motor is surprisingly powerful, and can push the i3 up to 62mph from a standing start in just 7.2 seconds. That’s junior hot hatch stuff.

Image courtesy of carkeys.co.uk

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 9th June 2014

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