The BMW X4 is a weirdly appealing SUV coupe with big bulges and expensive attitude

BMW’s latest SUV is a glorified X3 with attitude. But is it really worth the extra cash?

A few years ago, BMW baffled the motoring world when it took the chunky X5 SUV, lowered the suspension, gave it a less practical coupe makeover and slapped an X6 name on the back. The X6 was anything but a coupe, however, and certainly was not pretty. Despite this, the X6 has been a sales success, surpassing even BMWs own expectations. So it’s no surprise that another Bavarian sports utility vehicle – the X3 – has followed the same trend to create this, the X4.

That aggressive face of the X3 is still present, but go around to the side of the X4, and youll see a heavily sloped roofline, and muscular bulges around the rear wheel arches.

If you wanted this sort of acceleration from a BMW not so long ago, youd have needed something from the M Division

It is in no way pretty, but the brazen vulgarity it exudes is, in a way, rather admirable. And the X4s ostentatious aura makes a difference to how you feel behind the wheel. As you sit in the elevated driving position (20mm lower than the X3, but still lofty) you cant help but feel superior, and – Im almost ashamed to say – its a rather nice feeling.

Image courtesy of carthrottle.com

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 24th July 2014

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