The classic Mini

The classic MINI is a very popular choice of vehicle to lease or purchase. It’s not hard to see why. Offering amazing performance on the road, the classic Mini is also an attractive and very appealing car.

It has been scheduled to take part in the Allgäu-Orient Rally, a unique sporting contest which doubles as a fundraising event, a clear reflection of this Mini’s superiority in the market. The car’s performance on the track will be excellent if it’s past glory and success is anything to go by!

The Mini is ideal for long distance travels. In fact, this classic Mini amazed many in the motor industry when it emerged top during the Monte Carlo Rally.

The proceeds are expected to be channelled to humanitarian projects, just as they did in the previous year, seeing a grand total €250,000 raised during the rally to aid projects.

Everyone loves a MINI and guarantees any buyer in the UK great value for money.

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  • 8th May 2012

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