Emissions Scandal: Nissan To Take South Korea To Court


Nissan says it will take South Korea to court after Seoul accused the Japanese automotive giant of manipulating emissions data on one of their SUV’s.

Nissan “strongly deny” an entire country’s claims, and say they have invested hugely in green tech in a bid to keep emissions down.

South Korea fined Nissan $280,000 recently, which Nissan have since paid up.

However, the brand now say they want to get the decision overturned and are prepared to take the country to court.

Nissan said: “Although we paid the fine ordered by the ministry of environment, we have filed an administrative appeal against the MOE’s actions.”

South Korea said earlier this year that they want state prosecutors to investigate Nissan after their Qashqai model allegedly came with an emission defeat system that manipulated emissions data.

The Qashqai has subsequently been banned from sale in South Korea.

Widespread Manipulation

Nissan isn’t the only Japanese automotive firm in trouble for manipulating data.

In April, Mitsubishi admitted that it had been cheating on tests for decades.

Nissan came to Mitsubishi’s rescue in May this year, offering to invest around $2,200,000,000 in the company.

Mitsubishi say Nissan played no part in the cheating, despite it being Nissan who unearthed the problems.

Suzuki has also admitted that it manipulated data for years.

Will Titterington
  • 29th June 2016

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