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The New Kia Sorento – An Affordable Lease

Car buyers in the UK auto industry have a chance to purchase or lease Kia’s Sorento SUV: an exquisite new vehicle that conveys an aura of elegance and gentility.

Expected to be available for purchase or lease later on this year, this SUV is the only one of its kind with a host of significant improvements seen on its chassis and body, with a re-designed body shell and improved powertrains that ensure top-class fuel economy guaranteeing low emissions, an engaging ride, smart handling and refinement, enhanced convenience and other generous safety features.

The all-new look Kia Sorento has been very successful in the UK auto-market and the sale of 620,000 units since its launch in 2009 is a sure-fire pointer to this fact, with Korea and the USA remaining the biggest manufacturers of this model attracting close to 200,000 customers in the two countries.

Kia have redesigned the model’s headlamps which now sport LED positioning lights, re-engineered tailgate with LED rear lamps, plus beautifully-placed bumpers.

Amongst many other impressive options, motorists can enjoy the SUV’s ride experience courtesy of the extended choice of wheels including larger 19 inch alloys.

Full of great features, the Sorento feels like a real expensive car and comes with great engine options and good standard equipment. It is also very roomy and lots of fun for off-road adventures.

The improvements seen on the new SUV dwelt much on customers feedback, helping to upgrade this Sorento SUV to the new versions we have today.

The new Sorento arrives with one of the most significant advances the automotive industry has ever seen: a revolutionary 7 year warranty. No other large SUV offers such peace-of-mind.

Fit for any purpose, this SUV is an attractive and capable class-leading family 4×4, combining tough, rugged off-roader looks with a decent on-road drive.

See for yourself with a lease or purchase of the new Kia Sorento.

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  • 19th June 2012

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