Ford’s speed limiter – for peace of mind


220,000 Ford Units Installed With Ford’s Speed Limiter

Ford’s Speed Limiter – Most Popular Driver Assist Technology

Ford , a leading motor company, has engaged a number of technologies to help realize some of its goals in the automobile industry, crucial in beating off competition.

Ford invented the speed limiter technology to enable motorists to set a maximum limit on speed and has been declared the most popular driver assistance technology of 2011.This feature prevents drivers from accidentally exceeding speed limits and has been integrated with virtually all the Ford models.

Ford is also delighted to report that close to 220,000 Ford units that were released either for lease or sale across Europe in the year 2011, had speed limiters installed, enabling motorists for the first time, to be able to maintain a safe speed.

Ford’s Favourite

With ever increasing speed cameras across the UK, it is important that drivers are able to limit their maximum speed and it is for this reason that Ford’s adjustable speed limiter has become a popular favourite  in the UK and a “must have” for so many.

It only takes a moment to lose concentration and exceed the speed limit which is why the Ford adjustable speed limiter gives motorists much needed peace of mind.

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  • 4th April 2012

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