Google, Lyft, Ford, Uber And Volvo Band Together In Drive For Federal Self-Driving Car Policy

autonomous cars, autonomous car safety, self drive carsGoogle, Lyft, Ford, Uber And Volvo have decided to join forces in the U.S. “to work with lawmakers, regulators and the public to realise the safety and societal benefits of self-driving cars.” The fruit of their loins is the Self Driving Coalition for Safer Streets (SDCSS).

Basically, conceiving and building autonomous cars is the simplest part of the process.

Actually getting them out on the road is the difficult part because policymakers have a nightmare of creating the rules and regulations that bear in mind the quickly evolving self-driving technology.

And because regulation is taking so long, the 5 aforementioned companies have decided to form a coalition in a bid to hurry things along.

Safe And Efficient Autonomous Cars

Ford said in an email to Forbes: “We believe fully autonomous vehicles will help people travel more safely and efficiently, as well as facilitate mobility for those currently unable to drive. The coalition will work together to advocate for policy solutions that will support the deployment of fully autonomous vehicles.”

David Strickland will head the SDCSS. Previously, he oversaw operations at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, where he first drew up and released the NHTSA’s first self-driving vehicle policy guidelines.

These guidelines are now recognised as a benchmark in the tech and regulation of autonomous vehicles.

Strickland echoed Ford when he said: “Self-driving vehicle technology will make America’s roadways safer and less congested. The best path for this innovation is to have one clear set of federal standards, and the coalition will work with policymakers to find the right solutions that will facilitate the deployment of self-driving vehicles.”

Will Titterington
  • 28th April 2016

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