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Will electric cars save you money?

Wondering if Electric cars really save drivers money? We explore whether they are worth the hype and how much you may save a year
3d rendering of a white car charging at an electric car charging point
The future is now and electric cars are here to stay. At least that's the way it seems. Electric cars have seen a surge in popularity after a shaky start to life. The advancements in technology that come with electric cars these days make them more capable all-around than the first models. Combined with environmental issues receiving plenty of public attention it's clear that electric cars are going be getting a lot more attention over the next few years. But, will electric cars save you money? With the incentives in place to encourage us over to the apparent green side, it would certainly seem that way on paper. In this article, we'll delve a little deeper and discover the real answer to the question will electric cars save you money?

How Reliable are Mini’s? An Impartial Look at the British Classic

We investigate whether Mini are reliable...
Dark red Sideview Mini clubman at sunset with sculpture in the background
The Mini is an iconic car brand, and as British as you could possibly get. The original Mini was a staple of British culture in the 1960s, and was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century in 1999. Currently owned by BMW, Mini continues to be a very popular brand in the UK and are a common sight on British roads. But, how reliable are Mini’s? BMW aren’t exactly famed for their reliability, so are Mini the same? In this article, we look at how reliable Mini are, and how this compares to some of their rivals.

Everything you need to know about Vehicle Excise Duty

Need to know more about the new vehicle excise duty or car tax prices? We cover everything here to make sure you know what has changed
Vehicle tax disks resting on computer keyboard
Everything you need to know about Vehicle Excise Duty Vehicle Excise Duty or VED is commonly referred to as Road Tax. A tax levied by the government to drivers which bring the UK government £730 million every year in revenue. The 2015 budget announcement stated that all funds raised through VED will be used in the upkeep of Britain's road network by 2020. This Vehicle Excise Duty is collected by The DVLA who govern Britains road users.

How Reliable are Hyundai? An Impartial Look at the Brand

How reliable are Hyundai? We investigate...
red Hyundai i10 hatchback sitting outside a building
Interestingly, the Hyundai brand we know and love today wasn’t actually created until 2000, and is officially called the Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai itself underwent a huge restructure following the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and a result of this was the creation of a separate company, the Hyundai Motor Group. Now, the Hyundai Motor Group are the largest vehicle manufacturer in South Korea and were the world’s fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in 2015. Despite a quite complex history, there is something that has never really been questioned when it comes to Hyundai, and that’s their dependability. How reliable are Hyundai? In this article, we look at exactly how dependable Hyundai are, and how this compares to their rivals.

How Reliable are Lexus? An Honest Assessment of the Luxury Brand

We take a look at how reliable Lexus are...
Silver lexus gs saloon driving on tarmac road
Lexus are a brand that have grown in popularity here in the UK. In fact, last year was a record year for sales of Lexus models in the United Kingdom, with over 13,000 models sold. The luxury division of Toyota, Lexus has become known for building stylish, comfortable cars that are great to drive. And, being an off-shoot of Toyota, are reliable. But how reliable are Lexus? In this article, we look at just how dependable Lexus are, and how this compares to their rivals.

Who is the FCA?

Have you ever heard the phrase Regulated by the FCA? In this we article explore everything you need to know including; What they do & how it protects you we
The FCA - financial conduct authority logo on a white background
From bank accounts to mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings insurance and pensions, virtually every adult in the UK is a consumer of financial services. When looking at financial products, including car finance in all its forms, you'll likely see or hear the phrase "Regulated by the FCA". But who exactly are the FCA? What do they do to regulate finance providers and how does the FCA benefit consumers? In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the FCA and how they work.

Are Jeep Reliable? An Unbiased Look at the American Classic

How reliable is the off-roader really? We take a look...
silver Jeep Grand Cherokee off road at sunset with mountains and trees in the background
Did you know that Jeep became the primary 4-wheel drive vehicle of the United States Army and the Allies during World War 2? Civilian models were then produced in 1945. Since then, Jeep have become renowned for their off-road SUVs, and at one time, pickups. You would expect that a manufacturer that helped see us to victory in the Second World War would be quite literally bulletproof. Right? So why are people asking the question; are Jeep reliable? In this article, we look at whether Jeep are reliable and how this compares to their main rivals.

What vehicles come with warranties

Confused about what your warranties cover on your car? Explore here what a warranty is and what they do or don't cover
red warranty stamp isolated on white background
All new cars come with a warranty. However, not all warranties are alike. A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that the vehicle will be fit for purpose for a minimum amount of time. This time frame can vary significantly between manufacturers. Your vehicle warranty will cover the cost of any repair to restore the car to its original working state, excluding wear and tear items. We'll go into more detail about what is and isn't covered by a manufacturers warranty in a moment. A long warranty can be a big selling point and the deciding factor for some people when choosing the make of car they want to buy. Afterall, if a manufacturer is confident enough to guarantee their workmanship for a number of years they must be fairly confident in their product or they'd be paying for repairs all the time.

Are Fiat Reliable? An Honest Assessment of the Italian Brand

Fiat once had a reputation for being unreliable, but is this still the case? We investigate...
red fiat 500l parked on road in front of rows of green trees
Fiat have always been a pretty popular brand, but when they released the Fiat 500, Fiat were suddenly propelled into the mainstream. The Fiat 500 quickly entered the top ten most popular cars in the UK, and it’s quirky shape and funky colours made them a welcome addition to British roads. However, there has been something that has been plaguing Fiat for many years. And that’s reliability. In fact, at one point, Fiat were so unreliable that people began the joke ‘Fix It Again Tony’. But, has that changed? How reliable are Fiat? In this article, we look at whether Fiat have been able to shrug off their unreliability and how their reliability compares to their rivals.

Do diesel or petrol engines last longer?

Looking at whether diesel or petrol engines last longer and which you should choose.
do diesel or petrol engines last longer?
When considering which car type to buy you may be faced with the decision of what engine type to choose. So will it be diesel or will it be petrol? Common knowledge is that diesel engines offer better fuel economy, and some believe they are better for the environment. So which is best? In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of each. We'll also answer the important question do diesel or petrol engines last longer?
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