Lexus says 2013 IS 300h petrol hybrid is better than diesel

Introducing:the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid

The Lexus IS 300h. A hybrid leading the way in automotive technology.

The Lexus IS 300h. A hybrid leading the way in automotive technology.

Ask Lexus why there is no diesel for the new IS and the company will say it’s because the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid is better than diesel. Simple.

the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid joins the IS range for the first time in the third generation model currently being rolled out. The diesel was dropped from the outgoing model a year ago.

Richard Balshaw, director of Lexus GB said: “Why hybrid? We say why diesel? We believe there are far more benefits from the hybrid set up. For one thing there is the smoother power delivery of a petrol engine along with lower noise, vibration and harshness. If you look at long term legislation, this powertrain already meets future requirements not just on CO2 but also NoX (nitrous oxide) and particulates which are far greater in diesels.

“There are also considerable benefits in kind considerations for the company car market with a CO2 figure of 99 g/km for the hybrid meaning savings on road fund licence, congestion charges and general running costs.”

Could Lexus cave in some time in the future and bring IN a diesel? Particularly as parent company Toyota has a deal with German premium brand BMW to supply them.

“No,” said Balshaw. “Lexus has made a strategic decision to go down the hybrid route and not have diesels. That sets us apart from everyone else and it also means that across the range we have the lowest CO2 emissions in the premium segment.”

the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid uses a 2.5-litre, four cylinder engine with a claimed combined fuel economy figure of 65.7 miles to the gallon. The second model is a 2.5-litre six cylinder petrol. Prices start at £26,495 for the IS250 V6 while the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid kicks off at £29,495.

As well as no diesel, Balshaw said there will be no estate version either. “Definitely no plans for that although other possibilities are being looked at – maybe a coupe or convertible.”

What do you think of the 2013 IS 300h Petrol Hybrid?

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  • 22nd May 2013

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