Lord of the Manor: The 2015 Audi RS6 Avant

The 2015 Audi RS6 is the crown jewel of the A6 range. Unlike its predecessors, this 3rd generation model is only available in ‘Avant’ estate form. That being said, with a brutally fast twin turbo V8 engine and Quattro 4WD it carries the laurels of being the world’s fastest estate car with such ease. As fast off the line as a Lamborghini but with good cargo space and significantly improved running costs… basically if you want high performance and practicality in the executive class – this is a brilliant package that represents the cream of the crop!

front view of 2015 Audi RS6

Considering the sheer power you have on tap, the 2015 Audi RS6 understates its ability greatly. Yet look closer and you’ll still see enough sporty design cues to set it off as a desirable machine. The front is handsome with front air intakes that really complement the large Audi grille. 202 alloys come as standard while the subtly bolstered side sills and wheel arches give it a mean stance. The oval tailpipes lay either side of a rear diffuser that sets it all off nicely. It looks pro but not ostentatious, but for those looking for a bit of overt styling, you can deck it out with various aesthetic optionals.

The interior of the 2015 Audi RS6 is well built, sleek and uncluttered in that trademark Audi fashion.-The Aluminium trim touches are especially nice here, as are the seats. The chairs wrap around to grip you in place with quilted honeycomb fashioned leather upholstery. They’re simply wonderful – providing a great amount of comfort, support and adjustability while supporting a superb driving position. The swanky MMi infotainment is hidden in the dashboard, popping out smartly when it’s needed and controlled via a cool central touchpad for ease of use. Audi cabin design never disappoints and this is no exception with lovely, smart styling and a load of fancy gadgetry.

In the back, the fashion continues – the seating is well sized thanks to a larger wheelbase that allows for a great amount of head and leg room, which combines with seat adjustment, will allow even tall people to stretch out a bit. The middle seat is a bit of a short straw however due to how hard it is – not really one you’ll want to be lumped with for long journeys. The boot is obviously a big point of this 2015 Audi RS6 Avant body style. It’s got a cool option to open the tailgate by flashing your foot at a sensor underneath the diffuser – very good for when you’ve got your hands full. There’s a good 565ltrs available which is made very usable with numerous straps, hooks and also cargo floor track mounted poles for netting and separating straps. A handy ski hatch is also there as an optional for longer items. If you really need more room then you can simply fold down the rear seats (admittedly at a slight incline rather than being completely flat) to extend the cargo area to a full 1680ltrs.

The 2015 Audi RS6 Avant has a very Jekyll and Hyde personality – it’s a supercar in disguise that can manage lovely comfortable day to day trundling just as well as it can rocket towards the horizon like a ballistic missile. On sports mode and about 3000rpm the launch control fires the 2015 Audi RS6 to 62mph in less than 4 seconds – easily matching a Lamborghini Gallardo! That. Is. FAST. And impressive considering this machine weighs about 2 whole tonnes.

The 2015 Audi RS6 is also superbly grippy and easy to drive too. Audi’s trademark 4WD has been revised for this 3rd generation and allows it fantastic all-weather manoeuvrability. The cornering is impressively confident and lacks almost all traces of body roll thanks to a blend of sports differential and 4 way torque vectoring, all despite being a big car. The steering is accurate and weighty but lacks in feel. It really takes a while to learn to trust it, but once you get in touch with the character of this car, you won’t doubt it. The 2015 Audi RS6 Avant is a real deliverer for minimal effort on your part. It’s also the 1st RS-line car to come with magic carpet-like air suspension. However, should you want a sharper, more responsive ride then you can specify your RS6 with the optional RS sports suspension. Be warned – this is not something you should mix with the 21” alloys as it will impact on the ride quality greatly.

rear view of 2015 Audi RS6

Under the bonnet, the arrangement has changed so much from the 2nd generation Audi RS6. Audi have done away with the monstrous V10 unit in favour of a smarter, lighter and more efficient engine. The 560ps 4.2ltr twin turbo V8 is admittedly not quite as high on the horsepower rating nor as shouty sounding, but it is faster and less thirsty thanks to being almost 100kg lighter than the V10. This also works with the handling to make it feel less bulky. The 700Nm of torque (which is available on tap low in the rev range) also trumps the bigger engine, providing supercar level acceleration that simply carries on at the same rate all the way up the scale until the limiter kicks in when it hits 155mph. If this isn’t enough for you, you can spend a bit of money and specify yours with the Dynamic or Dynamic+ packages that up this to 174mph and 189mph respectively.

Although Audi reckons the true power can shoot through past the 200mph mark easily. That being said, it has also got an unshouty, stealthy quality about it that gives it a certain amount of civility. The drive Select system allows you to tweak the car dynamics (the throttle response, gear ratios, steering etc) to suit your preference. You’ll probably let it do most of the work with Auto mode though. As I said before – the 2015 Audi RS6 has a dual personality so, as promised, it can drop the Autobahn show off skills for a comfortable limousine-like drive for more relaxed times.

All in all, what’s the lowdown with the 2015 Audi RS6 Avant? It’s the fastest estate car in the world. You wouldn’t immediately peg it as such – its dual personality means that its lovely ambling cruise drive will keep you very content until you put your foot down and realise just how much devastating power you have on your hands. It’s simply jaw dropping. Charismatic, Chock a block with feel good factor and of course, practical – if you’re shopping for an estate car that’s got it all and you can afford it, then this astonishing machine is beyond a shadow of a doubt the one you need to get hold of.

If you want to get hold of the 2015 Audi RS6 Avant then don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact us page or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out about our Audi lease deals.

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  • 29th January 2015

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