McLaren Launches TV Ad For First Ever Time

McLaren Motor Show, Geneva, McLaren TV Advertisement

McLaren Automotive has launched its first ever TV ad as the company looks to take on Audi and Porsche as part of its brand revamp.

The TV ad campaign will launch in the UK on March 7th, with ads running for four weeks.

The narrative will be centred around “the journey of the car,” and will show the whole process, from design to sale.

The campaign heralds McLaren’s involvement in the sports car niche for the first time.

“As a brand, even though we’re well known in the UK, we’re not known for sports cars,” said Jon Pollock, MD at McLaren Europe. “We’re now in a new segment of the market and competing against manufacturers Porsche and Audi. So we want to create a far enhanced level of awareness and consideration.”

New Markets, New Audiences

Pollock goes on to say that McLaren’s new rivals don’t really use TV as a medium, which should give his brand the chance to standout.

“They’re more established so they can work with their own database, but we’re looking to develop an almost 80% conquest mix.”

McLaren will use Sky Media’s AdSmart to target specific TV viewers. They will focus their ads on a demographic of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are making at least £80,000 per year.

McLaren has only been selling cars for 4 years, and you probably known them best for their involvement in F1 and their £200,000+ super cars.

However, their new sports cars will be more affordable and will be targeted at people who don’t drive super cars but love sports cars.

Will Titterington
  • 10th March 2016

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