New EU Emissions Tests Will Affect BIK Tax & Car Tax


You can’t trust fuel consumption figures and this inaccuracy is effecting  unfairly how much tax you pay with your company car. Here is an extract from Graham Hill’s blog post on this subject…

There is an expression, be careful what you wish for. I’ll finish it by saying because it might bite you on the bum. Many people complained about the Government dictated fuel consumption figures. I’ve discussed this on many occasions. The figures don’t reflect fuel consumption in the real world, whatever that is.

The figures are measured in near perfect conditions using a rolling road in a temperature controlled room etc. But whilst the conditions dont reflect what you would encounter in the centre of Brighton or any other city come to that nor do they reflect the conditions you would encounter on the M6, north of Birmingham on a Tuesday afternoon.

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 29th May 2014

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