OSV Industry Newscast: new Mini launch in India!

Mini, one of the UK’s most established, reputable and well-loved brands, is looking to break new ground in the Indian market.

Mini are using the Delhi Auto Expo as a launch pad for a selected range of their popular cars.

New Mini makes first appearance

Mini are excited for the opportunities presented by the Indian market, and have been taking the first orders for purchase at Auto Expo this week, with excited new owners taking delivery in March.

They’re introducing a select three models at first, the classic Mini Cooper hatch, the Mini Countryman and the Mini Convertible.

The Countryman is expected to be the most popular model, owing to its practicality and space.

Currently boasting over 50,000 Facebook fans in India, Mini are confident that their cars will be a “big hit”, injecting some zest and verve into Indian driving.

The iconic brand has a major advantage in its immediately recognisable, well-known cars, so unlike other western brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, it will be able to build on this cultural capital straightaway.

No direct competition: boost or challenge?

The Mini has an open run at its segment in India, currently in the enviable position of not having any direct competition.

Neither of its arch-rivals, the Audi A1 or Mercedes A-Class are sold in India at the moment.

But is there a reason that for a leading brand like Mercedes, already well-established in India, doesn’t market its premium compact model?

Mini does admit that its going to need to make education and marketing a priority in the Indian roll-out, as there is still the general perception that premium cars have a correspondingly large size.

The very first dealerships

Mini is starting with dealerships in New Delhi and Mumbai, and will not be selling under the umbrella of its parent company BMW, currently India’s best-selling foreign marque.

Following feedback from their initial ventures, Mini are planning on expanding into other major cities, particularly Bangalore, Pune and Chennai.

This makes January an exciting month for Mini, who are announcing the launch of their new Mini Roadster in Detroit.

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  • 10th January 2012

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