Rare Porsche 959 Goes On Sale

In the 1980’s, Porsche decided to make a few 959’s – very few.

They just didn’t fancy making more than a handful. Gotta make sure they’re in demand, right?

But that’s only half the story. The German brand also decided that they would coat just three of these exclusive Porsche 959’s in Batman black.

And now one of these Batman black 959’s – built in 1988 – is on sale, and is expected to fetch an eye-popping £1million.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Can you remortgage your house for a million? Can you sell your pets? Can you sell your family??

Maybe. But only if you’ve got a large enough family. Quantity over quality and all that.

Such is the rarity of the 959 that there will be no shortage of takers, and certainly no shortage of folk trying to raise that sort of cash in a short space of time.

After all, the Batman-black 959 (of which there are just THREE in the whole world) romps its way to 62mph from rest in just 3.9 seconds before maxing out at 197mph. Jesus.

See, Porsche built the rare 959’s as racing cars that would rally in Group B. Unfortunately, the cars never actually got to do any racing because the circuit was soon closed down for being “too dangerous.”

Scaredy cats.

Did we also mention that there are only three of these Porsche 959’s in existence? We did? Gee, bet you’re really jealous now.

UK Man Buys Collection of Cars Worth £20 Million

Imagine if you had £20 million lying around, what would you do with it? Buy a yacht? A penthouse in Manhattan? Get Robbie Williams to sing in your house?

Businessman John Collins knew what he wanted to do – buy a collection of classic cars that were hiding away in storage near London.

What a cool cat.

The collection, which includes, an Aston Martin One-77, as well as a Ferrari 288 GTO and a Lamborghini LP500S, represents one of the biggest sales of a private car collection in UK history.

The complete inventory is made up of 11 Ferraris, 4 Aston Martins, four Lamborghini’s, five Mercedes, two Porsches, a Jaguar and a Ford Fiesta.

Okay, we made that last bit up. Cheeky.

The great thing about the deal for Mr Collins is that most of the cars have hardly been driven. Indeed, the Lambo has a mileage of just 500 miles. It basically just sits there in the garage, with no one driving it.

And there are children starving to death in Africa who would kill to be able to drive one of those Lamborghini’s to the water well!! Tsk. Some people.

UK Electric Car Sales Set To Break New Record For Sales

More and more of us are going electric when it comes to our cars, as figures show that us Brits bought four times as many electric cars within the first five months of 2015 than we did in the same period of 2014.

The numbers come as little surprise, as more consumers wake up to the cost benefits, as well as the greater choice now on offer.

The figures, released this week, also suggest that the market will completely annihilate last year’s numbers, smashing them to the ground, setting them on fire, before running over the debris.

Lower running costs as well as the impact on the environment are cited as reasons for us Brits splashing out on electric cars. The greater choice on offer is also a significant reason for the shift in market trends, with 20 ULEVs now on the market. In 2011, there were just six.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive said: “The remarkable growth in demand for plug-in vehicles is expected to continue as the range of ultra-low emission vehicles on sale increases.”

Neighbourhood Policing Team Goes Green

Gosh, everyone is going green these days, aren’t they? Even the cops are doing it!

Well, okay, so a local neighbourhood policing team aren’t quite the real cops (though they’d love to be), but one such team in Oxford has been handed a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to help with their admirable fight against crime.

PCSO Tracy Waller said: “Having the Outlander PHEV will help our Neighbourhood Policing Team be more visible in the community, which is great. It means we will be able to get out to incidents in rural areas much quicker. It’s brilliant for us.”

The Outlander PHEV is in fact the first hybrid car that Thames Valley Police have ever got their hands on, and will be a major boost to a team of 13 officers that previously had to rely on just one car and a van that had to be returned at night.

Jesus, what a way to fight crime. How did they all squeeze into that 1 car?

One local robber we spoke to about the news that the Outlander PHEV would be prowling the streets wasn’t deterred and said: “No Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV scares me! They can try and catch me with a Lamborghini for all I care. Bring it on!”

Local villagers, however, were more positive, with one old lady we showed a picture of the beastly Outlander PHEV fainting at the sheer size of it. When she recovered 5 days later, she said: “Praise the Lord for Mitsubishi.”

Hurrah for crime fighting!

Outspoken Bentley Head Designer Quits

News of departure of Luc Donckerwolke from Bentley will be warmly welcomed by some, while others will no doubt be spitting out their champagne and throwing a bowl of caviar at their laptop screens.

Luc Donckerwolke, (former) head designer at Bentley, was something of a controversial figure at the prestigious brand, and had on one recent occasion taken to social media to voice umbrage at the similarities between Bentley’s flagship Flying Spur and the new Lincoln concept.

The online spat was loaded with sarcasm and scathing wit, which won him a number of plaudits and detractors in equal measure.

Love him or loathe him, the turtleneck-clad head designer was a pivotal clog in Bentley’s machine, and his departure could represent a huge setback.

Luc Donckerwolke had been at VW for a number of years, and as yet there has been no reason given for his departure.

A replacement has already been found.

The really interesting part of this story is where he will end up next. It is our guess that there will be no shortage of takers clamouring for his signature.

Will Titterington
  • 7th June 2015

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