Nothing nips, tucks and parks like a 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe is more of a novelty than an actual mode of transportation. Any vehicle that is born from a joint venture between Swatch and Mercedes-Benz can’t be taken too seriously. The minuscule car has always been slow, noisy and rough riding – basically it doesn’t do anything an automobile is supposed to do well. It is however, cute. That’s essentially what it’s got going for it. Oh, and it gets excellent mileage, but there are plenty of cars on the market that do that.

2014 smart fortwo Coupe Front View

Somehow, the 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe’s cute-as-a-button appearance managed to reel in 770,000 buyers during its first deployment. After this initial success, the company decided to also build a five-door family hatch as well as a roadster/coupe. Both cars tanked and Mercedes decided that Smart should concentrate on the original car that continued to sell in decent numbers.

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe is downright scary to drive on the motorway. Its lack of power, choppy ride and diminutive size equate to one harrowing experience. The car is made for driving around town and excels at squeezing into parking spots designed for a moped. Making u-turn’s a cinch too, thanks to the 8.75m turning circle.

Helping to move the little sprite along, is a line of 1.0-litre turbo triple petrol engines (available in micro-hybrid form or, in Brabus performance trim) as well as a 0.8-litre 54bhp Cdi diesel. Coming in at under a litre, it’s easy to assume the diesel is a real troll – not so. There’s plenty of torque on tap allowing the diesel to produce adequate performance while also maintaining the title of the world’s most economical production car as claimed by Smart, that is. Smart has been known to make some outlandish assertions however, such as stating that the ForTwo’s transmission has improved. The five-speed semi-auto Getrag is still clunky and unpleasant, nice try, Smart.

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe doesn’t look or act much different than it did when it debuted in 1998, although Smart would like you to believe otherwise. The car does get some minor cosmetic tweaks including a larger radiator grille, remodelled front aprons, side skirts and rear apron and horizontally arranged optional LED daytime driving lights. There are also three new wheel options available: the ForTwo Passion comes with a new 9-spoke design and there are two slightly different three-spoke designs fitted with wider tyres.

2014 smart fortwo coupe rear view

The most important choice to be made when selecting a new Smart is between the two body styles: a hard-topped coupe and the cabriolet. Either way, the car still looks like a 1:1 Matchbox car.

The interior has received modest alterations as well, such as a crystal grey leather/fabric combination for the seats, an imitation leather/fabric mix for the door trims and black imitation leather for the instrument panel.

Being so tiny, the Smart looks as though it would be a virtual torture chamber for both driver and passenger.  This is not the case since the ForTwo’s passenger seat is mounted 15cm further back than that of the driver allowing shoulder space to be maximised.  The boot however, fits the stereotype and is incredibly puny. There is 340 litres of space if you stack right up to the roof, but then you might have a hard time seeing to drive – such choices.

Surprising, the 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe’s price isn’t that low considering the vehicle’s minute size and chintzy build quality. Expect to pay between £9,000 and £10,500 for the standard models, with the price rising as soon as you glance at the options list.

If you’re looking to save at the pump in order to offset the damage at the dealership, the mhd (micro hybrid drive) 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe offers the best compromise between performance and economy. The system’s start/stop enables the 71bhp motor to achieve 65mpg which producing 97g/km of CO2 on the combined cycle. The micro hybrid’s frugality can only be trumped by the Cdi diesel which returns an astonishing 85.6mpg on the combined cycle with CO2 emissions of just 86g/km The entire smart lineup emits less than 120g/km CO2, making all models exempt from the cost of the annual road fund licence for at least the first year from registration. Oh, and insurance is cheap as well, with mainstream models falling between groups 2 and 3.

The 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe gets good fuel mileage, is stylish and easy to manoeuvre around town. Besides that, it’s expensive and deplorable in nearly every way. The bottom line: if you want a real car look elsewhere.

If you want to get hold of the 2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our 2014 Smart lease deals.

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  • 12th February 2014

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