Toyota Plans More Shutdowns Following Earthquake Disaster


Toyota Group PavilionToyota is continuing to shut down productions following last week’s earthquakes which have wreaked havoc with its supply chain.

The new suspensions will affect major production plants near Toyota HQ.

The Japanese automotive giant also said that it is stalling output at subsidiaries, while its Kyushu plant will remain offline.

The suspensions began today, with around ten factories impacted so far in total.

The shutdowns will slow the output of the Toyota Scion xB, tC and the Toyota Prius hybrid.

The Toyota RAV4 crossover will also be affected.

Toyota will decide by April 20th whether or not it can restart production before the end of the month.

Devastation for Japan

Two earthquakes struck Japan last week, causing devastation to communities and businesses.

A quarter of a million people have been told to leave their homes. Around forty people have so far been confirmed dead, while many more are still missing.

Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan’s supply chains have been majorly jolted, but Nissan, whose plants near to the epicenter of the quakes were slightly damaged, have decided to resume output after a careful assessment.

Mitsubishi is suffering from a lack of parts and will need to suspend output at one plant for at least two days this week.

The automotive companies would be good to go were it not for their suppliers, ­namely Renesas Electronic Corps, being badly hit.

Renesas controls numerous operations, including airbags and fuel injection.

Renesas had to disrupt major supply chains in 2011 after another quake shook Japan.

Renesas reported that they suffered no injuries.

Will Titterington
  • 18th April 2016

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