UK garages are used as store rooms

Survey reveals that UK garages are not used to keep vehicles in.

Only 21% of people who took part in the Manheim Auctions research admitted to using their garage for its original purpose.

Most people tend to leave their cars on driveways, outside their house, or on the road and they use the garage as a store room.  25% of motorists are lucky enough to have a large enough garage to fit their car in as well as other equipment.

The top ten items stored in UK garages include:

1.     Lawnmower

2.     DIY Tools

3.     Bikes

4.     Ladder

5.     Golf clubs

6.     Tent

7.     BBQ

8.     Garden equipment – soil, plant pots

9.     Drink

10.  Guinea pigs

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For those of you who have a garage – what do you use yours for?


Debbie Kirkley
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  • 13th June 2011

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