The plague of uninsured drivers

What to do about uninsured Drivers

Car drivers who are not insured are costing the rest of us a total of 1.25 billion pounds a year, it may not come as a surprise that it is the young who are the biggest offenders with 1 in 4 of them driving their cars with no car insurance, MOT or Road Fund Licence.

This is not new news but it does seem to me to be getting worse. What I do not understand, if on every corner there is a camera tracking our actions, how can this be such a massive problem – 1.25 billion is not a small amount of money.

I totally understand how hard it is for young car drivers to get insurance at an affordable level, even for a sensible car, but would it not be a good idea, instead of just accepting these costs, that the insurance companies put some investment with the authorities in clamping down on non-insurance?

Not to mention that in one year 23,000 people are killed or injured by uninsured car drivers. Those are pretty heavy odds against those uninsured Drivers.

It is said we are becoming a “nanny state” but this is a life and death situation – a car can easily be turned into a lethal weapon, and the police take lethal weapons very seriously, as you need a licence and to be vetted. Is it not time that a system is put into place to stop this.  Every fuel station has a camera on you and your registration plate when you fill up with fuel, so how about while filling up with fuel that the computer checks the registration number against the MOT and car insurance register and, if applicable, that information going to the police so they can stop the driver before leaving the fuel station. That may actually make a dent in tackling uninsured drivers.

Is that a viable solution, or do we just accept uninsured drivers? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 2nd September 2010

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